For me, AYURVEDA DEFINITION is something different from the rest of the Ayurveda world.
Ayurveda is long life, Ayur- life, Veda-knowledge long life knowledge is the exact word or meaning for Ayurveda.
Ayurveda starts from TOE to HEAD, from kitchen spices originality, utensils quality, drinking water quality, each and every bite of food we have eaten and sleeping, walking and all the daily routine and lifestyle knowledge is exact AYURVEDA DEFINITION in my point of view (Subhash Chaudhary).
coriander seeds, cumin seeds, green chilly turning red
Most people have an image in there mind that Ayurveda is related with herbs, leaves, or massage or therapy and some people think it’s very complicated and for some people, it’s hard to define what is Ayurveda exactly. But today in this article I SUBHASH CHAUDHARY will help you to define a proper image about what Ayurveda exactly is.

In the above image (my mother left spices seed under the sun for drying) and you see the names of the things are left to dry up but this is not as simple as you are watching it there is more guidance what you have to do before reaching this step.

OK, so the main thing is nowadays in the market the adulteration is soo high that spices sellers are mixing petrochemical colour in all the spices like turmeric, cumin, coriander etc just to give it a shining and attractive look so that buyer chooses their products instantly as they are more colourful or in good contrast.

petrochemical colour

SO the main game begins from here of CANCER, BODY PAIN, JOINTS PAIN and there is a long list of disease and body problems for any humans and here we simply start our AYURVEDA DEFINITION.

GUYS the thing today I am discussing here is very deep knowledge which can truly transform your life like we are doing ours.

SO let’s get back to the spices cleaning process which is first and basic step of Ayurveda and this step is always missed by 100% Ayurveda retreat or restaurants which is really a really heartbreaking thing for a guy like me.

garam masala
garam masala mostly used in Indian kitchen

we have to buy all the spices from the market in raw form like is seeds form and while selecting the species seeds we have to look for the least shining seeds and after bringing those at home we have to wash them properly with water and rub them with hand so that all the sands, dirty and even colour spray will be removed and left them soaked in water for 12 hours before making them dry under the sun.you can clearly look the difference in colour texture after this doing this process. and here you spices like cumin, coriander, garam masala and red chilly except hing (asafetida) is ready to be used in your cooking as they are all now in the most natural, purest or we can get in ayurvedic state.

petrochemical colour

BUT remember there is a different process for turmeric as the game of petrochemical colour is very normal here and we have to be very very careful with the turmeric we buy from there market.
As we know the best turmeric is what we get direct from the farm and clean it (remove the sand stuck with turmeric) and crush and dry and blend it and there it is ready to use.

But what about the people who don’t have a farm and 99 per cent people buy turmeric form the market and I feel 90 per cent buy turmeric in powder form and that’s just opposite of Ayurveda.

raw turmeric
raw turmeric- (Photo: bungabunga/Flickr.)

SO come to the main thing that after buying turmeric in raw form as in the picture above and after taking it home just put all the turmeric in a pressure cooker filled with water and boil it and remove the water repeat this for 3 times with changed water each time so that all the petrochemical colour will be removed from the turmeric(yes don’t be shocked even raw turmeric from the market have colour to give an attractive look) and after 3 times cooking, soak in buttermilk for 48 hours then wash it with water and cut in small pieces and make it dry and finally blend it in the home blender. now congratulations to you that you have one of the world best turmeric at home. This is called REAL AYURVEDA DEFINITION.

I think one more thing left to be covered before the article ends and that is SALT. Most of the people purchase salt from the market in packed form from any branded company. But this is one of the biggest mistakes a person can do. This is completely against the ayurvedic lifestyle and body.

 SO what is the best way and which salt we have to take?😮

RAW SALT or ROCK SALT. Yes, your daily work is related to physical activity you can take raw salt and if you don’t work physically much you can use rock salt in your food.
Raw salt, you can buy and clean with water and let it dry and use it.

So by now covers the basic and most important thing essential for the human being.
This what I told today is never ever discussed before over the internet this is a soul and huge experience speaking. This is the food given by nature and god. this is the spirituality, positivity and Ayurveda.

SO closing his article without discussing the UTENSILS is incompletion of AYURVEDA DEFINITION.

Here today  I will not discuss different types of utensils and there benefits for body in Ayurveda but only stainless steel(SS) utensils as these are used by 99% people everywhere at there home for cooking nowadays.


90 PER CENT utensils in the market are fake means they are of very poor quality stainless steel(SS)  and the quality proper name is defined with grading system like poor one is of 202-grade stainless steel(SS) we can also say NON-FOOD GRADABLE stainless steel. They are normally lightweight and made up of a thin layer of 202-grade stainless steel(SS).
Now come to the FOOD GRADABLE STAINLESS STEEL means 304-grade stainless steel(SS).
These are the utensils of the ayurvedic proper style of cooking food and without this our AYURVEDA DEFINITION is incomplete.

So what is the difference between two (202 and 304 grade) and why not to cook food in 202 and must cook in 304 grade SS?

202-grade ss inner layer (the layer get contacted with food while cooking)gets dissolve slowly in our food and creates CANCER, ANGER, INFERTILITY, MOOD SWING and other major problems.


304-grade ss inner layer (the layer get contacted with food while cooking)  not get dissolved with the food while cooking as 304 grade or 18/8 grade ss in FOOD GRADABLE STAINLESS STEEL which is the original SS and best for the human body according to Ayurveda.

Before I also use to search and buy 304 grade SS utensils buy I was a bit hard to get those from local shops but later I realise why not to buy from Amazon and there are lots of them available.

So the basic concept is that you must have 304-grade ss utensils for those activities at least which you use daily in cooking or boiling like you boil the milk in a tope, you use a pressure cooker for vegetable making or lentils making or a tope for tea making.

Here is the list of utensils I buy and use at my home which I buy from amazon. You can open by clicking over the list.

Eat after washing all the petrochemical colours from your food and Ayurveda starts with your utensils and spices. Avoid eating at restaurants and outside the home.

There is endless talk about ART OF LIVING or AYURVEDA but for now to define AYURVEDA DEFINITION this is enough for now. I will discuss more personal experience and things in more upcoming articles. stay connected.

If you can’t find any stainless steel tester from the local market you can buy from me also I can send you one and here is my youtube video(in Hindi) in which I show how to test SS grade from SS grade tester.

In the ending of this article, I would like to remember and thank my guru (teacher) mahant Sudhir Narayan das. In my point of view, he is world best Ayurveda acharya as till now I can’t find anyone with more direct, deep, practical knowledge and experience he has.

love from
Subhash Chaudhary
Whatsapp +919760385133


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