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Dhela zone Jeep Safari

Dhela zone Jeep Safari – The Corbett Tiger Reserve’s sixth eco-tourism zone, the 1173-hectare Dhela Safari Zone, was added to the CTR tourism map in 2014. It was constructed from the Corbett’s southern buffer forests. In Corbett’s 75-year history, the Dhela Forest has the distinction of having formerly been home to seven tigers. Sambhar Deer, which draws tigers since they are easy prey for them, is one of the many wildlife species protected by this forest’s mixed forest plantations and moist deciduous trees. Additionally, tigers indeed like to pursue their prey in the Sal Forests. Visitors can view wild animals from a distance thanks to a watch tower established inside the Dhela Zone. There are 46 kilometres of jungle paths in Dhela where you can see a wide variety of wildlife. Jeep Safari is available to tourists in the morning and evening. Only 15 gipsies are permitted to enter the zone in a shift. Bird watching is extremely popular in Dhela. Dhela is open every day of the year.

bengal tiger jeep safari in india in jim corbett national park

Brief Information About the Dhela zone Jeep Safari:

There are two shifts in a day (one shift morning, one shift evening)
Timings: Morning from six to ten in the morning and afternoon from two to six in the evening.
Thirty Jeep Safaris were conducted (fifteen mornings, fifteen evenings)
Bookings should be completed at least 15 days in advance.
3 to 4 hours are allotted for each safari.
Dhela Safari Zone’s Principal Attractions
In terms of Corbett Jungle Safari, the Dhela Tourism Zone has the most significant tiger sightings status in 2019–20, followed by the Jungle Safari. In addition, jeep safari is consistently in high demand in Dhela. Tigers have frequently been observed at the zone’s entrance gate, indicating that Dhela has a high tiger density.

Safari hours in Dhela zone Jeep Safari are 6:00 AM to 9:30 AM and 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM.

The months from October to mid-June are the best for travelling to the Dhela Zone.

Safari zone map for Dhela
The main draw of the Dhela Tourism Zone is the Chaurs (Grass Lands) area. Elephants and deer are frequently spotted roaming around Chaurs. There are also Neel Gai, and Wild Pig can be observed.

The Dhela Zone has an incredibly diverse range of vegetation and wildlife. Mixed woods of Sal, Rohini, Haldu, Bahera and Kusum plants cover the entire area. Tigers, leopards, Asiatic elephants, sloth bears, and king cobras are among the flora. In addition, the variety of birds in the Dhela zone is relatively well-known.

google map view of dhela zone jeep safari in jim corbett national park

How to get there: The Jhirna and the Dhela Eco Tourism zones share a similar entry. Additionally, the gate is about 20 kilometres away from Ramnagar.

Tourists can still visit Dhela Zone from 0ctober till 15th June.

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