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Rishikesh: World’s Yoga Capital

If you like to spend a few days away from the rush of your daily life, Rishikesh, also known as the world’s yoga capital, is the ideal vacation. It boasts stunning Himalayan vistas and is on the banks of the revered Ganga in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan Range. It is equally well-liked for yoga, outdoor sports, and pilgrimages. Anyone seeking spiritual solace, a lone traveller attempting to experience the city uniquely, or a group of adventure seekers will find something here.

Beginning in Rishikesh is the renowned Char Dham Yatra. You can engage in purely spiritual activities and encounter a genuinely sacred setting here. Besides, you would not like to miss Ganga Aarti’s divine sight.

The annual International Yoga Festival is open to yoga enthusiasts and is on by the Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board. The number of yoga ashrams where you can meditate is enormous.
White water rafting, hiking, kayaking, backpacking, camping in Rishikesh, rock climbing, rappelling, and other adventure sports are all available here.

Going beach camping is the most pleasing way to appreciate nature’s pristine beauty and tranquillity. You can organise a tranquil camping trip to get back to nature. Nature enthusiasts can readily hear the sound of the Ganga river’s waves. Or you could dive into the glistening water and bask in the sun for hours.

There are several breathtakingly lovely beaches in Rishikesh. The combination of white sand and blue ocean provides a breathtaking image. The beaches in this charming city are enough to make you feel ecstatic. The experience of a lifetime is lying in the sun while gazing out at glistening, beautiful water.

While some of these beaches are hidden gems, others are well-liked by tourists. If you want a few hours alone, you can go to a less popular one. There are a few lovely beaches with camping facilities. It is a suitable solution for satisfying adventure seekers.

Rishikesh: White Sand Beach Rishikesh

Rishikesh Beach Near Sherpa Camps – White Sand Beach Rishikesh

This beach is a remote area in the birthplace of nature. About 40 kilometres separate Sherpa Adventure Camps and Cottages from Rishikesh. Reaching the coast requires a 600-meter hike from the campsite’s fence on the main road (near Taj Rishikesh). You can get to the beautiful beach by climbing stairs on the uneven walkways.

Vashisth Gufa Beach – White Sand Beach Rishikesh

One of India’s most distinctive locations, Vashisth Gufa, will enable you to feel a strong bond with the spiritual realm. You may reach the cave by taking a short, easy hike from the road. Tremendous celestial energy accompanies one while meditating in the shelter because it is inside a temple.

The celestial cave is home to a Shiva lingam. A vast pebble beach with white sands is accessible right next to the temple through a path. On this beach is located the Arundhati Gufa.

Kaudiyala Beach

The town of Kaudiyala is located about 40 kilometres from Rishikesh’s city centre. Here is a picture-perfect white sand beach. The location also hosts night camping and river rafting. It is among the best places for combining adventure experiences with natural beauty.

Unnamed Beach Near Laxman Jhula

Hub of Yoga revealed the location of this hidden beach, which can only be reached by hiking along a challenging trail. When you arrive at this incredibly remote beach, you’re unlikely to run into anyone save your travelling partners. From Tapovan, the location may be reached by crossing Laxman Jhula.

Neem Beach

It is Rishikesh’s final river rafting destination. Watching gorgeous sunrises over the mountains from the white sand beach is lovely. The beach is close to the well-known Aloha on the Ganges resort in Rishikesh.
One can reach here by personal vehicle too.

Ganga Beach

This beach’s remoteness is ideal for those who enjoy the great outdoors and exploration. The perfect setting for spending quality time while taking in natural beauty sounds like the beautiful sparkling waters of the Ganga, a starry night sky, and lush green environs. For those who are sick of the city, it works like magic.

Sachcha Dham Beach

It is a beautiful location to revitalise your spirit and feel refreshed. Yoga practitioners and meditators practice in this area. While some people think it’s perfect for tanning.

Goa Beach

As the name implies, Goa Beach’s accumulation of sand is similar to that of Goa. It is a terrific location to come to if you want to enjoy yourself while relaxing on the beach. Beautiful beaches are available right in Rishikesh. There are many vacationers sunbathing on this well-known picnic beach with white sand.
Walking about here will give you a feeling equal to going to Goa because of how lovely the region is.
The cool evening breeze enhances the tranquillity and beauty of this spot.

This beach was a favourite destination for international tourists until a few years ago, but more locals began to visit over time. Now, you can observe that many Indian visitors are also coming here.

Shivpuri Beach

One of the most visited beaches by visitors is this one. The route to this beach is gorgeous and calming to the eyes, stretching through to Vashishta Cave. Shivpuri Beach, which has calm blue waves and white sand, is unquestionably one of Rishikesh’s most beautiful locations. The natural beauty of this location serves as a form of treatment.

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