THANO FOREST REST HOUSE थानो फॉरेस्ट रेस्ट हाउस

THANO FOREST REST HOUSE थानो फॉरेस्ट रेस्ट हाउस

Hi, I am Subhash Chaudhary from Dehradun Uttarakhand and I have been recently visited Thano Forest Rest House.

Actually, this visit is not official but I was coming from Rishikesh to Dehradun via Thano, and but this time I decided to visit Thano Forest Rest house but both the gates are closed (Thano FRH has 2 gates- IN and OUT).

One Gate is Locked and another gate is also closed but without a Lock. I ask the Local Person Standing Near that if I can go inside without permission and he replies yes I can visit there I will find one person.

So I decided to go inside with my bike I open the gate. as I open the gate a person names shiva(caretaker in thano forest rest house) gets alert and ready to question me.

I park my bike and before shiva asks me anything I introduce myself and told I am a YouTuber and I recorded this complete journey for YouTube .you can watch my video there and don’t forget to subscribe to this Youtube channel as I keep exploring Uttarakhand and around.

Suddenly Shiva understands me completely and open his heart or me and start his further conversation and told me many many things about Thano FRH.

AND, I recorded everything and also publish a youtube video for the same.

here is the video link below.

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Dehradun To Rishikesh Bus


Dehradun To Rishikesh Bus


Dehradun to Rishikesh bus service is from 2 places

  1. ISBT Dehradun
  2. Lansdowne chowk, dehradun

From Isbt Dehradun Govt bus service to Rishikesh resume early in the morning around 6 AM and same with Lansdown chowk.

only Govt. bus service runs from Isbt Dehradun but from Lansdown chowk, private (white colour) buses run because these buses go to the hills so they have to leave early and last bus one can take from Lansdown chowk to Rishikesh is Till 1 PM only.

Dehradun to Rishikesh time take

Dehradun to Rishikesh time normally take is around 1.5 hours only.

Dehradun to Rishikesh Distance

Dehradun to Rishikesh Distance is Approx 45km which normally took 1.5 hours for a bus.

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dehradun airport


Dehradun Airport is Situated very close to Rishikesh and Bit Far From Dehradun city. Dehradun Airport is Also known as Jolly Grant Airport. This Airport is the Only Main Airport Of Uttrakhand State and due to huge footfall to this airport there is Regular searched for Dehradun Airport Contact Number but no Worries as in this article I will Provide you Jolly Grant  Airport Contact Number

Contact Number Mobile




dehradun airport
Dehradun airport

Google Map Location of Dehradun Airport


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Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh

Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh

Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh

Today I want to talk about in Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh. Saharanpur is situated in northernmost of the district of Uttar Pradesh. It is a city and a municipal corporation in India state of Uttar Pradesh. It is also the administrative headquarters of Saharanpur district. Pin code is 247001/02, Total area of Saharanpur is 3,860 km square. Its border touches states of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttrakhand. It’s Lok sabha Constitution in Saharanpur, Vidhansabha Constitution in Gangoh and Nakud. The total population of Saharanpur is 705,478 and literacy rate is 72.61. Saharanpur transport number is UP – 11.

Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh
Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh railway station


History of Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh

Saharanpur is established in approximately 1340. The king of Sharanvir this place changed the name Mughal in Saharanpur. The East India Company was ruled in Saharanpur by Mughal and Maratha .shivalik Talathi in the cause of Saharanpur in Mughal, Maratha or British used to hunt and have fun. Historic buildings are shabby for lack of maintenance.That contemporaneous artist in specific sample offering. In 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th-century historic buildings due to lack of maintenance. Somewhere the traces of civilization have ended, somewhere the historical building has been turned into a block.  Shajhan spread the wings of love and he turned into a liar. After handing the world a unique building like the taj mahal. The mughal king shahjahan has wings of his love also spread in Saharanpur.

In 1757 the Maratha army invaded the Saharanpur. Resulted in Najeeb ud daula losing control of saharanpur that  the maratha rule raghunath rao, the conflict between rohilla and Maratha came to end on 18 December 1788 with the ghuwar quadir the grandson  najeeb ud dual, who was defeated by the maratha general madaji sairdia. When the British East India Company defeated the Maratha empire. Saharanpur came under British sovereignty. When India rebelled in1857 against the foreign occupation, referred to as the first war of Indian independence, the Saharanpur and the present day  muzaffarnagar district were part of the uprising. There was a very old temple in saharanpur.

Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh
Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh a historic building


School and college in Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh


  1. The most famous school and college in Saharanpur. there is the best education provided in this school and college.
  2. Asha modern (CBSE board, near civil court chander nagar).
  3. Pine wood ( cbse board, delhi road chunati).
  4. st Mary school (cbse board , mission compound).
  5. rainbow public school (cbse board, delhi road vasant vihar).
  6. Delhi public school(cbse board, roads are 247001).
  7. sofia girls high school ( cbse board, railway colony).
  8. Nalanda public school ( cbse board milestone malhipur road)



  1. J.V Jain
  2. Glocal university.
  3. Disha Bharti college of management.
  4. Dev Bhoomi Group of institutions.
  5. Shobit university.
  6. Vidya deep degree college.
  7. Deoband unani medical college.


Industries in Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh


There are a number of cottage industries here. The sugar factory, paper industry, cigarette factory and not to forget the ever famous wood covering industry. The best woodwork of Saharanpur district, and famous clothes textile in Saharanpur such as Gayatri market. The world-famous and is exported in many western countries like USA, UK, Singapore and Kuwait.

The Saharanpur district trades in wheat, pulses, sugarcane, vegetables, paper, wood, cigarettes etc.


Transportation in Saharanpur

There was one bus stand in Saharanpur, the buses were going to the Uttarakhand and Ambala services. Here railway station is Saharanpur junction. There are six platforms and ten railway tracks in Saharanpur railway station. Trains are going to Chandigarh, Meerut and Allahabad.

Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh
Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh bus station


Best place in Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh


It was the best place to visit in Saharanpur. The most famous places  Naugaja peer, Babalaldas, company garden temple, mata shakumbari devi temple, shiv mandir, bhuteshwar temple, and Gng mall. Saharanpur is the flow of the Yamuna river.

Here are some picture halls in Saharanpur such as Darpan cinema, Venus cinema hall, Sapna cinema hall, etc.

Saharanpur is surrounded by 318 villages. It was the most famous city in Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh. Saharanpur is the best healthcare hospital and provides new technology treatment to patients. There is one government hospitals in Saharanpur. There are such types of doctors, dentists, Praveen Sharma specialists in fever patients. Suvidha physiotherapy clinic in Saharanpur, Dr Ravi Kant Nirankari child specialist., near its road, eyeQ hospital eyes specialist. There are the best hospitals in Saharanpur.


There is one police station in Saharanpur which provide protection from the enemy and other help for people.  Here is a large district prisoner cell in Saharanpur. There are about 200 cases pending in civil court in Saharanpur mostly cases in land and land conflict.


Here are some palaces in saharanpur best wedding and ceremony plane in such a palace-like Sagar Ratna, Mannat palace, Ashirwad palace and other palaces. The most famous restaurant in Saharanpur – The fusion restaurant is the top restaurant in Saharanpur, Patiala restaurant famous in lassi. Kathi junction famous in Chinese, spice restaurant famous in Indian, and Chinese dish, Swedish restaurant are famous in Punjabi foods.


They are a very famous Stationery shop in Saharanpur is Matia mahal. Different types of books may be purchased at half rate. there students can get an old and new book at Matia Mahal.

Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh clock tower
Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh clock tower

Best books library in Saharanpur.

Reading zone library near shiv mandir Saharanpur.

Public library

Officers library near in IMA Bhavan in Saharanpur.


Famous hotels in Saharanpur if you want to stay here.

Hotel Atithi palace near gurudwara road Saharanpur.

Pench O the resort and hotel near Biharigarh road.

Satkar hotel railway road.

Hotel grand plaza near court road Chander Nagar.

Hotel skylark near Ambala road Saharanpur



This Article is Written by Shanu Chaudhary(a residence of Sarsawa Saharanpur)

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Sarsawa is a Small city close to Saharanpur and Yamunanagar. it is on the edge of Uttar Pradesh state near Yamuna river. Airforce station and Army also have a presence here. it is surrounded by villages and farmers so due to huge demand School in Sarsawa are in Big number and in this article, I try my best to list down each of it.


1.kendervidhalya ( CBSE board, air force station).


2.St marry academy ( CBSE board, Ambala road, near Rao Dharam Kata).

website –

3.Air force public school (CBSE board., air force station).

website –

4.KLG Public school (CBSE board, Ambala road near Ratna Sagar).


5.MTS public school ( CBSE board, Nakur road).


6.Gurukul education world (CBSE board, Nakur road, near Bankhandi temple).


7.Janta inter-college (UP board, railway road).

Google map location link –

SCHOOL IN SARSAWA8.DC Jain ( UP board, Ambala road, near Punjab and Sindh bank).

Google map location link –

9.AK public school ( CBSE board, Naresh vihar colony).

FB page –

Google map location-

10.Mother Teresa public school ( CBSE board, Ambala road).


11.Tagore public school ( cbse board, yasveer lane).

FB page –

12.National public school ( CBSE board, Nakur road, near Bharat Doodh dairy).

Google map location –

13.DAV public school (state board,  )

14.KSF high school ( Sarsawa block).

15.Vadram Nathbol academy ( Sarsawa block).

16.Jwahar school (puri afanan, near post office).

17.Mardon public school (Sarsawa block).


This above article is written by Shanu  Chaudhary (a residence of Sarsawa)

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सरसावा का इतिहास SARSAWA HISTORY

सरसावा का इतिहास

आज हम सरसावा का इतिहास के बारे में बता रहे हैं. सरसावा एक छोटा सा कसबा है, जो उत्तर प्रदेश के उतरी भाग पर स्थित है. इसके दाहिनी ओर दो शहर है. जिनका नाम सहारनपुर और यमुना-नगर है. सरसावा में ऐसी बहुत सी ऐतिहासिक चीज़े है, जो आज तक सरसावा को ऐतिहासिक बनाएँ रखती हैं. जैसे प्रमुख टीला, हवाई अड्डा,एक पुराना मंदिर , यहाँ पर पहले पिक्चर हाल भी था. आओ आपको सरसावा कि प्रमुख चीजों से आबरू कराते हैं.

सरसावा का पुराना नाम शिरसागढ था यह माना जाता है कि यहाँ जहारवीर जी कि माँ का परिवार था और उनकी माँ का नाम काछल, बाछल था. यहाँ पर उनके नाम का मंदिर बना हुआ है.

सरसावा में स्थित पहाड़ी नुमा टीके को कोट के नाम से जाना जाता है.यह जिला मुख्यालय से 15 किलोमीटर दूर है. संस्कृत में कोट का अर्थ किला होता है. इससे माना जाता है पहले यहाँ किला रहा होगा सैकड़ों बिघा में फैले इस टीले से वर्ष 1972 में सिक्के, मिट्टी के बर्तन व काले पड चुके अनाज के दाने मिले थे यह चीजें ज्यादातर वर्षा के मौसम में पाई जाती थी. क्योंकि वर्षा के कारण मिट्टी टीले से बह जाती थी और सिक्के दिखाई देते थें. इस स्थान कि तार बंदी करा यहाँ एक चौकीदार नियुक्त किया था, और दरवाज़ा भी लगाया था.


dessert shop-सरसावा का इतिहास

samosh chaat-सरसावा का इतिहास



यह टीला किस कारण बना और क्यों(सरसावा का इतिहास)?

बड़े बुजुर्ग हमें यह बताया करते थे. की यहाँ एक राजा का महल था और वहाँ जब किसी कि नई शादी होतीं थी, तो उसकी पत्नी को एक रात अपने महल में रखता था, और फिर एक लड़की की शादी हुई और राजा ने उसे अपने महल में बुलवाया और तब उसने कहा कि अगर मैं शत की हूँ तो हे भगवान ये महल पलट जाए, वह महल पलट गया और टिला बन गया, आज भी टिले के ऊपर पिर है, आज भी वह स्थान सबसे ऊँचा है.

सरसावा में एक शिव जी का पुराना मंदिर है, जिसको बनखणडी के नाम से जाना जाता है, और इसे बनीं भी कहते हैं.यह कबरिस्तान के ऊपर है, इसे लोग पहले से जानते थे.यह एक पत्थर का शिव लिंग और लोगों ने उसे बहुत बार तोड़ने की कोशिश की पर वह फिर से शिव लिंग का आकार ले लेता था, जिसके कारण अब यहाँ शिव का मंदिर है.उन लोगो को कबरिस्तान की जगह दे दी गई है, उस जगह पर अब मदरसा है. यहाँ पर एक पिक्चर हाल हुआ करता था, लेकिन अब नहीं है.

सरसावा में एक प्रमुख हवाई अड्डा भी है, वह भी बहुत पुराना है. जिसके कारण सरसावा को जाना जाता है, और यहाँ लोग दूर दूर  से हवाई अड्डा को देखने आते है, पहले इस अड्डे के बारे में बहुत कम लोगों को पता था, पहले यह अड्डा गुप्त था.


sarsawa sweet shop-सरसावा का इतिहास
One of the Famous Mithaiwala in Sarsawa
mustard oil
mustard oil seller in Sarsawa
mustard oil expeller
Mustard oil Expeller ins Sarsawa
mustard oil shop-सरसावा का इतिहास
me at mustard oil shop
market in sarsawa
Mobile shop in sarsawa
bajrang chaat-सरसावा का इतिहास
famous street foot chaat wala in sarsawa- bajrang chaat
सरसावा का इतिहास
nakur road sarsawa
सरसावा का इतिहास
jewellery shop in sarsawa


सरसावा का इतिहास
सरसावा का इतिहास

This article is written by a Sarsawa City Residence only- Ms Shaanu Chaudhary ( she is studying in college right now)

You can also read –

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Today I want to talk about Village Life In India and I feel I am the right person to discuss this with you as I am born and bought up in village and city both as My background is Agriculture and Army. As you all know that Agricultural land (% of land area) in India was reported at 60.45 % in 2016, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources and According to the 2011 census of India, 68.84% of Indians (around 833.1 million people) live in 640,867 different villages. The size of these villages varies considerably. 236,004 Indian villages have a population of fewer than 500, while 3,976 villages have a population of 10,000+.

You will feel more at peace in a village.


So, let’s take a village to discuss this topic more practically and with realistic feeling. There is my mother’s Village Called Tith Palu(official name) or Tellipura(Local name) located in Northern India and in Western Part of Uttar Pradesh State. Tith Palu village is 20 and 22 km far away from the closest city named Saharanpur and Yamunanagar respectively. Even these Two cities themselves are not well known and not metro cities mean which Push Tith Palu Village even more Behind.

A village lady walking inside Tith Palu village


I have been to most villages in Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan states and I can say all villages almost have the same lifestyle and work routine.

men of the house start there day early in the morning and going for farming as they have to finish the work before the sunrise and increase the temperature in the farm.

At the same time, women also Start working for house cleaning and milk out from cattle and arranging for little snacks and tea for everyone.

men of the houses do breakfast in the farm only there Tiffen will reach from the house after 3 hours of working and they take a little break and refreshment and start there work again till temperature in the field rises to an extreme level.

barber in village
uncle having cut at home from a family barber

after men come back to home and bath and take rest and do lunch and sleep and again in the evening they are ready to work in the field after temperature starts decreasing. sometimes when there is rainy season farmers are relaxed and have more leisure time to play cards and visit relatives.

Children’s of the houses have to Attends there school and study and in free time they help in carrying Tiffen to farm and helping elders in farming and at home.

village family
family having good time toghether in village

but, not most of the family have much land in villages and they have to work as a servant under someone with much land in villages and work is also divided according to the cast of the person. like, plumber cast people most prefer to work plumbing work and barber cast prefer to cut hairs so this list is very long as in India only have 3,000 castes.

The main castes were further divided into about 3,000 castes and 25,000 sub-castes, each based on their specific occupation.
shubh playing with newly born calf


If we talk about the facilities there I Say People of villages are very free in everything like they cook over wood, they use electricity without electric meter connection and they don’t have to pay taxes but this is also a big disadvantage for them as governments are not interested is villages facilities. you can easily see drainage problem, broken road,  no mobile signal, no internet and very less electricity in villages. If I talk about the current scenario there is much development in rural roads and now government start installing electric meters and providing 90% electricity to villagers but mobile and internet connectivity is still a dream to villagers as the villages like Tith Palu are still surviving for it and this is a big obstacle for the studies and growth.

hand pump
my aunty in the village washing clothes from a hand pump water

Actually, some villages near mobile tower get good internet speed while others are almost nothing and villages behaviours are like they don’t complaint even I feel they are not so smart to raise the concern over email and Twitter so there works keep pending for ages without getting highlight.

I request my uncle children’s (Shaili and Shanu)  who lives in Tith Palu village and studies nearby school and never see outside world to write something about there village Tith palu and they send me a WhatsApp message for that I am submitting there as it is the message here below without editing.

Bittu Uncle Try to start his farm diesel engine to extract water from inside earth for the field

Tithpalu village is situated in sarsawa saharanpur district. People of this village are living in a very peaceful manner. Agriculture is the main profession of this village. The total geographical area of villagers is 82.25 hectares, tithpalu has a total population of 718 people in both are men is 370 and women is 338. They are provided in 111 houses in this village, literacy rate in this village is 74% and growth of population is 7.3% . There are different types of castes in our village. Sarsawa is the nearest town to tithpalu. Which is approximately 4km away. Nearby some villages in tithpalu such as Majrikala, kundi, Raipur etc. This is a very backward area in village tithpalu ( telipura).


Here is the most beautiful environment in our  village. It’s more fertile soil to grow different types of crops such as wheat, rice, sugarcane,greengrass etc. Here roads are perfect in travelling, less pollution and pure atmosphere. They provide pure milk and ghee, good electricity and irrigation facilities. They are helping and caring for other people.

This is a critical situation faced by many children and people, because there are bad networks in our village and they have no proper facilities such as network issues or technology. Here is dirty water in our village. Most people are smoking and drinking and using abusive words. They are not clean in our village. Many people suffer from some difficulties. They do not have proper facilities such as education, good manners and they do not provide some people for our child.


The need in our village is high networking and good facilities to provide neat and clean water, education and new technology in our village.

So, this is above what they send me. I hope you understand the children raw feeling and the real situation in Village Life in India.

village life in india
my maternal grandmother with her daughter(my mother’s sister)

Villages still Do not have good water facilities and some time where their handpump start giving Redish dirty water they don’t care and keep using it for a long time without worry for what this water can harm there body and mind.

I never see any NGO or government official visiting or putting efforts in a village Like TITH PALU but still, there is a lot of poverty in the village as their people are living in their small colony and they are completely adaptive to it.

Villagers are still not using Any LED television or smart t.v. hope the government will provide internet and wifi facilities to each villages of India.

cattle food
cattle green and fresh food


If I put some highlight on cast system in this area then som major cast are JAAT, GUJARAT, PANDIT, RAJPUR, THAKUR are some big and powerful caste and some other backwards cast and government also divided some cast into scheduled castes and scheduled tribes too.

before a long time, villagers have there own rules and regulation to follow and some head of the cast and villages who decided to how to punish and what punishment to give to culprit without the interference of the police.

but in some big cases like murder or rape police have to interference too.

Jaat caste people
some elders from jaat caste in Tith Palu Village

Village life in India are like here villagers not have much expectation and need from anyone they are living there small with there own personal problem they don’t need any interference from any government.

I feel villagers only and the biggest problem is their Payment they don’t get on time from Big Sugar Mills where they sell sugar cake in huge quantity and this is the only primary source of income here in this region of north India.

If villagers get there reward on time they are the happiest person on earth as they feel complete with this.


The village has a Tranquility environment which gives immense peace and calmness for mind and body as people follow the rules of sleep after sunset and wakeup before sunrise. Due to less mobile signal and internet, People don’t use much technology or smartphone which also creates a different environment.

silent of night in the village

Villegers have cattle means they have very pure mild and dairy products in huge quantity as the cattle gets green fresh food form farms through out the year so the quality of milk is very thick and pure.

Villagerss are the only people who still hold the true culture of India like they wear proper indian dresses and speak true India old  regional languages.

Villagers are still pure hearted and simple people and they love to welcome guest deep form the heart.

my uncle beautiful farm in tith palu village

Village people celebrate every festival of India like HOLI, DIWALI ETC

Here Below are few pictures from Tith Palu village my uncle family celebrates.

goverdhan pooja on diwali-VILLAGE LIFE IN INDIA
my uncle family offers Govardhan pooja night after Diwali festival
goverdhan pooja
uncle offer Govardhan pooja. structure made up from cow dunk
godess laxmi pooja on diwali evening
shubh(yongest son) offer godess laxmi pooja on diwali evening
indian goddess-VILLAGE LIFE IN INDIA
Shubh offering worship to goddess in his village
cow dunk structure for worship
diwali fire crackers
Shubh with his firecrackers ready for Diwali festival eve.

Villagers have pure brown sugar as there are many kolhu(jaggery machine) nearby villages so they easily recognise the best quality jaggery and sugar easily.

brown sugar
grandmother showing pure brown sugar from a nearby factory


village school-VILLAGE LIFE IN INDIA
uncle son (Chintu) is ready for school
village people
combined village family cooking and sharing food
naini ghee
Naini ghee- butter of village and buttermilk

some more village food pictures form Tith Palu Village

kadhi chawal
kadhi chawal(curry rice) in village
Dinner in village-VILLAGE LIFE IN INDIA
butter milk, butter, dal(letil), bhindi(lady finger)and chapati in village tith palu
chole poori
chole(chickpeas) poori(fried chapati) in village
dal chawal lunch- VILLAGE LIFE IN INDIA
popular and regular lunch in the village- dal chawal with buttermilk and kheer
curry or kadhi making in village by village women-VILLAGE LIFE IN INDIA
Aunty making curry (kadhi) in Tith Palu village.

Village life in India is the real and authentic life which shows the true colour of India to the world. After Britishers leave occupied India in 1947 from then India starts changing and many metro city forms and people start adapting western culture and there dresses. but Rural India remains same but now after mobile and internet revolution, there is no difference between village and city much as peoples have all the news and information about what’s going on around and city so villagers can copy and adapting the city people lifestyle very easily.

grandmother in village
my maternal grandmothher bala devi in tith palu village
mango pickle
Mango Pickle in process of drying while it’s making by grandmother Bala Devi

But sometime in the village, my heart cry as the life in the village is really far from NGO or government reach and people of villages don’t care or have knowledge about taking care of street animals

sick street dog-VILLAGE LIFE IN INDIA
A sick poor street dog in Tith Palu Village

So, in last I want to close this article by saying that India have really beautiful Culture and people in villages and it needs to explore more by tourist and they need to form community-based income or tourism to increase there income and also which also help villagers to get highlighted in front of the world that they also exist.

If you Want to Order  Anything from this Village Tith Palu let me know I can send you via a courier like – brown sugar, ghee, rice, wheat, lentil, jaggery or anything else your think can be available or produced in Village.

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Manali is among the main tourist destinations in India. It is situated in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh and known for its snow-capped mountains and cold temperature even in summer. Manali is a gateway for Leh Ladhak visitors. I made a Manali tour in December 2020 and here is my total experience in words.

snow-capped Manali hills

when I reached Manali with my 3 more friends. Arun, Chetan and Jonny in Chetan car(Hyundai Verna) in mid-December it was very cold there. we encounter snow there but not snowfall as the weather is very clear.

snow capped solang valley
taking a selfie with Verna car at Solang valley
solang valley picture during manali tour
a picture clicked at Solang valley

before reaching Manali we already booked out stay(via MakeMyTrip) at Thomas villa hotel and it cost us approx 1600INR for 4 people total including breakfast. Just after check-in to our hotel room we took lunch and snap for 3 hours and visit Mall road Manali in the evening for walking and dinner.

lugdi a local beer in manali
trying Lugdi local beer in Manali
dinner at mall road manali
taking dinner at mall road Manali

Next day we checkout from our hotel room around 11 am and visit mall road once again for shopping and from there visit Solang valley and Atal tunnel but due to restriction army won’t allow us to cross the north pole of Atal tunnel and we have to make U-turn from there and come back to Solang valley which was fully white in snow. thousand of tourist doing skiing in snow and taking pictures.

Mall Road Manali
Tourist At Mall Road Manali
Solang valley picture
the picture was taken at Solang valley before Atal tunnel
Solang valley
Chetan and Jonney having Fun in Snow at Solang Valley

After all the fun and enjoyment at Solang Valley, we suddenly start our journey towards Kasol as we decided to stay in Kasol this night. Here Also we booked 2 rooms in a homestay via Goibibo in 1200INR for 4 people total but without breakfast.

kasol market
A bakery shop in Kasol Himachal Pradesh
kasol Himachal Pradesh
DEODAR Tree in Kasol just behind a Momo shop
a nepali child
A Nepali child near Kasol car parking
Modified Mahindra Thar
A Modified Mahindra Thar Parked in Kasol Parking

Next day(which is our 3rd day of Manali Tour) we headed towards Tosh Village(end of Parvati Valley) via Manaikaran Gurudwara. At Manikaran gurdwara we had a lovely bath in hot sulphur water there and a Lovely Lunger in Lunch.

Manikarna Gurudwara
Hot water forms fog at Manikaran Gurudwara

This is our last day of Manali tour so today we decided to reach Tosh and stay overnight in Surya guest house in 1200INR for 4 people without Breakfast. We reached Tosh village before Dark but on the way, we saw something unique. A frozen River looks similar to Chaddar trek of Zanskar valley in Leh.

Parbati river during winter
Frozen Parvati River During winter-tourist seen walking over it

And next day we headed back towards our home in Dehradun and Meerut city. I Also recorded this Manali Tour Complete journey in Detailed for my youtube Subscribers and you can also enjoy this. Here is the link and please don’t forget to subscribe my Youtube channel if you like my Video.

Manali Tour Youtube Video


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canon g7x mark ii

canon g7x mark ii

canon g7x mark ii

hi, I purchased this camera ( canon g7x mark ii) form Dehradun Paltan market means offline from a local vendor shop in Dehradun.

canon g7x mark ii
canon g7x mark ii

why I purchased this camera in 2020?

I purchased canon g7x mark ii in 2020 November but this camera is 3 years old in the market as we know right now there is another upgraded version of this camera canon g7x mark ii in the market with the name canon g7x mark iii.

but I still go for this camera because the experienced shop keeper also suggested me to go for this as this is still the best as compared to the latest version as in the latest version there is still lots of problems like heating and autofocusing because he knows to form his customer’s feedback.

and this camera is the only option left with me for youtube vlogging for my youtube channel names Subhash Chaudhary vlogs as was researching the with my cousin Tushar Chaudhary who is a graphic designer studied from graphic era university Dehradun. so he already had photography experience and have much knowledge about DSLR and cameras. but after researching a lot over amazon. in and youtube we finally decided to go for this camera (canon g7x mark ii)

The most important thing is I have to keep recording myself like a selfie recording by holding this camera in one of my hand and for this type of business, this camera is perfect. for a short video shoot or for short distance picture clicking this is the most perfect camera in this range right now in the market.

so if you are also a youtube or love to record videos of family and friends on the event inside the house or outside in a car trip or picnic where zooming of the lenses not matters then this is the perfect buy for you right now

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