lachhiwala picnic spot

Lachhiwala Picnic Spot

Lachhiwala Picnic Spot is one of the most beautiful tourist places to visit. It is Nature Park Manager by Forest Department and it is well maintained.

Previously it is Very raw and open to visitors. People keep bathing inside the park and keep destroying the natural beauty there. but now it is not possible again as this park is following lots of strict discipline with Security.

Lachhiwala picnic spot near Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

if traveling from Haridwar road to Mussoorie then you can visit Lachhiwala also as this is the only tourist place placed on the main Haridwar Mussoorie highway near Doiwala.

lachhiwala picnic spot
Lachhiwala picnic spot

Lachhiwala Picnic Spot park

is a city forest or you can say a nature park with lots of playground for children and grass garden for a family picnic. there is a museum called Dharohar. which consists of lots of information about the Uttarakhand state in detail.


Lachhiwala open

Lachiwala Remains Closed only on Monday and It Remains Open From Morning to 5 pm in the evening.
Lachhiwala picnic spot entry fee is only 60 Rupay only for adult
Lachhiwala’s timing is from 8 am to 5 pm. 

lachhiwala picnic spot
Lachhiwala picnic spot
Lachhiwala Ticket Price is 60 inr only for adults above 10 years and 5 to 12 year is 30 rs and beloved 5 year is Free of Cost. While Car Parking Price is 50 inr.

weather Lachhiwala range, Uttarakhand

As Lachhiwala Range have Lots of Grass Grounds where you can sit and make a picnic in the sunshine so there you won’t feel much cold and also lots of trees to sit under in summer so there you won’t feel much hot too.

Lachhiwala distance from Dehradun

is just 40 minutes and 20 km away from Dehradun city.

lachhiwala picnic spot
Lachhiwala picnic spot
Lachhiwala to Sahastradhara distance is just 23 km and 40 minutes distance. 
Lachhiwala nature park is one of the happiest places in Dehradun everyone should have visited this with their family.
Lachhiwala nature park ticket price is only 60 rs but other adventure activities or museum cost ranges from 20 inr to 100 inr.
Lachhiwala Dehradun is open today- yes it is open all days except Monday.

Lachhiwala picnic spot
Lachhiwala picnic spot\

Lachhiwala Youtube Video is here

Rajaji national park safari booking

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THANO FOREST REST HOUSE थानो फॉरेस्ट रेस्ट हाउस

THANO FOREST REST HOUSE थानो फॉरेस्ट रेस्ट हाउस

Hi, I am Subhash Chaudhary from Dehradun Uttarakhand and I have been recently visited Thano Forest Rest House.

Actually, this visit is not official but I was coming from Rishikesh to Dehradun via Thano, and but this time I decided to visit Thano Forest Rest house but both the gates are closed (Thano FRH has 2 gates- IN and OUT).

One Gate is Locked and another gate is also closed but without a Lock. I ask the Local Person Standing Near that if I can go inside without permission and he replies yes I can visit there I will find one person.

So I decided to go inside with my bike I open the gate. as I open the gate a person names shiva(caretaker in thano forest rest house) gets alert and ready to question me.

I park my bike and before shiva asks me anything I introduce myself and told I am a YouTuber and I recorded this complete journey for YouTube .you can watch my video there and don’t forget to subscribe to this Youtube channel as I keep exploring Uttarakhand and around.

Suddenly Shiva understands me completely and open his heart or me and start his further conversation and told me many many things about Thano FRH.

AND, I recorded everything and also publish a youtube video for the same.

here is the video link below.

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Sahastradhara Road

sahastradhara road

Sahastradhara Road

sahastradhara road
sahastradhara road in dehradun

Sahastradhara Road is one the most famous road along Rajpur road, EC road and gms road of Dehradun city.

IT is 11 km long which normally took 26 minutes to cover from one end to another.

Sahastradhara Road Starts from crossing ( T point ) and ends at Sahastradhara tourist spot.

Crossing (T point) is situated on Raipur road from where Shastradhara Road Starts and goes long for about 11 Kilometres.

Till 2010 this road is very calm with less traffic and huge Trees both the side but after 2010 thousands of people shifted from other cities makes this road more famous for business and new residential colony.

Nowadays many colleges, institute and school, hotel and restaurant are open.

This road is basically divided into three patches.
1) Crossing to IT park ( which is very crowded and dusty and with less tree.
2) IT park to Pacific golf ( Road is wider and still more peaceful with less traffic and business)
3) Pacific golf to Shastradhara tourist spot( all hilly area road with almost forest land both the side)

Property Rates on Shastradhara Road.

The highest property rate on Shastradhara Road is on the patch from Crossing to IT park. ( Around 35 k/sq yard)

Then IT park to Pacific golf rate is around 25k/sq yard.


The best area is the one with a good Mussoorie view and more peace around it in the patch from IT park to Pacific golf. One can buy land on both sides of the road. I recommend considering living near Kala Gao( Kala village ) which is situated just near DPS Dehradun ( Delhi public school Dehradun)

Sahastradhara Road main tourist attractions

It has a famous khalanga war memorial, Sahastradhara water stream, waterfall and caves, khalanga Forest.

Restaurant walking wood is one of the most renowned on the road with the most number of visitors every day.

Institute like doon defence academy Dehradun is very famous in all over India among students doing preparation for Defence joining.

Hi, I am Subhash Chaudhary and I lives on Shastradhara Road Dehradun. I also have one youtube channel on which I post home vlogs regularly. Here is the link to YOUTUBE CHANNEL
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Delhi 6 Chaap Corner Dehradun


Dhikala Forest Rest House


I have been to Dhikala forest rest house in 2017 1st time And since that year I am continuously going there.

I fell in love with Dhikala forest rest house( not only Dhikala but all Jim Corbett National park ) while my trip to Ramnagar for staying in a resort in 2016.

While my Spanish friends on the holiday trip to India we decided to go there for a Jeep Safari and we did Dhela zone jeep safari that was my first Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett national park.

So, in the year 2017, I was working in Sharekhan Ltd office Dehradun and I decided to do Jim Corbett National park Night Stay but I have no idea where to stay how it works how to book how much it cost, etc…

Dhikala Forest Rest House
Woodstand inside Dhikala Rest House


Dhikala Forest Rest House
Grassland Visible from Dhikala Forest Rest House


birds of north india dhikala forest rest house
birds inside Jim Corbett national park


grassland of jim corbett national park near dhikala forest rest house


jim corbett national park
wood stand inside Dhikala Rest House



jim corbett national park forest
Dhikala zone core forest


Dhikala Forest Rest House
canteen food inside Jim Corbett national park


Accomodation inside Dhikala forest Rest House
Dormitory inside Dhikala Rest House


Ramganga River Dhikala Forest Rest House



After few hours of my research, I come to know that the best Forest rest house in Jim Corbett national park is Dhikala Forest rest House inside the Dhikala zone which is accessible from the Dhangarhi gate.

And I get deeper and deeper and soon after few days I have completed knowledge about accommodation type, cost and permit booking of Dhikala forest rest house.

But the problem is the park was closed due to monsoon season the time I was doing all this so I have to wait for 15th November to book my first stay inside Jim Corbett forest rest house.

Soon November comes and I booked my permit to stay with one more person ( Vikas- my uncle from the village) and we get to the park wowow amazing super exciting I was.

So our first-night stay is an outside park in Bijrani camp ( runs by Bisht ji ) as we reached one night before at Ramnagar by bus from Dehradun.

The next day our jeep with driver arrived inside Bijrani camp on time to pick us for Dhangarhi gate and this is the day I was waiting for 6 months.

Soon after breakfast in Bijrani camps and jumped to the jeep and reached Dhangarhi gate after 30 minutes journey where we show our permit and do formality.

We start our second phase of a journey of 30 kilometers inside the core Forest from Dhangarhi gate to the dhikala Forest rest house.

This 20 kilometers journey almost took 2 hours and normal people start at 11 am from Dhangarhi gate which ended up around 1 pm in Dhikala forest rest house.

Just after we reach there we fill the reception register with all details and permit numbers and then we check in to Dhikala dormitory because we booked the dormitory for both of us.

The caretaker guy there introduces us to everything and I was also checking and understand everything with all excitement. I also bombarded many questions and satisfy my mind.

We put our bags there inside the dormitory and went to the dining room which is attached to the open kitchen and did our buffet Lunch 😋 which was really delicious and went for a little relaxation and we also have to leave for the evening jeep Safari in Dhikala zone.

Soon our jeep is ready and the gate is open for evening Safari around 2 pm and we are again ready for 3 hours jeep Safari around Dhikala Forest rest house.

Around 30 Jeeps were there inside the campus.

We come back from Jeep Safari around 5 pm and we again have to inform the recreation that we are back and then we directly went to the washroom as our mouths and head are all filled with sand.

It is almost dark by that time and we change clothes and went to the dining room for dinner and this is the Only time we chit chat and relax and meet other visitors there.

There is one wood stand outside canteen also known as High Bank as from here one can see very far in the grassland with ram Ganga reservoir. Believe me, this is one of the most beautiful views I ever had in my life.

After dinner, we walk inside the dhikala Forest rest house and check the area as I have to understand the map inside and position of all accommodation types in dhikala.

And then went near dormitory and sit of it and talk with other people staying with us in the same dormitory as one dormitory has 12 beds total.

Soon we charge our phone and camera 🎥📷 and went to our bed after preparing it.

It is quite difficult to sleep there as the bed is a bit tough like railway coach bed 🛌 but after some struggling finally had little sleep and then soon early in the morning we wake up in the dark around 5 am as we have to be in the jeep around 6 am for morning jeep safari.

After 3 hours of jeep safari from 6 to 9 am we collect our belongings and check out from the dormitory and beaded towards Dhangarhi gate for exit.

We reach Ramnagar bus station around 1 pm and from there we took the direct bus to Dehradun which drop us here in the night.

I am also a YouTuber and I recorded all this complete journey for YouTube .you can watch my video there and don’t forget to subscribe to this Youtube channel as I keep exploring Uttarakhand and around.


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hirna zone jeep safari Jim Corbett national park


Jhirna zone jeep safari in Jim Corbett national park is a must-visit place for tourists as this zone also has tigers, and they can be easily sighted. This zone also has one forest rest house and the Jhirna river, which you must cross during a jeep safari. This zone is almost open throughout the year for tourists.


I have done this zone safari in august 2020 with my three more friends. We reached Ramnagar in the night from Dehradun via car. We stayed overnight in a resort, and the next day early morning, we headed towards our Jhirna zone safari in Dhela Range; actually, Jhirna and Dhela zone is in the same area direction (West side of Ramnagar), But we have stayed in a resort on Nainital Highway which is in the opposite direction and 25 km far from Jhirna Zone gate.

So, our driver charges 200 Rupay extra for this distance, but we don’t mind paying him as we also understand this actual charge.



Soon we start jeep safari. Finally, we encounter this Hut inside villagers’ farm, which looks authentic with cow and buffalo tied there.

And we moved ahead and reached the Jhirna zone. Finally, after 45 minutes of Ride-on main concrete road, we found ourselves on the main Jhirna zone gate.



As we were traveling in a lockdown session and due to corona guidelines, we had to wear a mask and follow all covid rules and regulations. However, the primary forest guard checked our documents and allowed us after confirmation.

Our jeep safari enters inside the buffer zone of Jhirna forest rest house our excitements keep increasing, and I start making a youtube video for my youtube channel – SUBHASH CHAUDHARY VLOGS

Here is the link of Jhirna zone jeep safari Jim Corbett national park

you can enjoy the detailed information video about our jeep safari to Jhirna of Corbett national park in the monsoon.




Both the zones have the same entry gate called Dhela gate. However, just after entering the Dhela gate, we come across the Dhela zone, a buffer zone, which means it is close to villages, and the Tribal community can be seen roaming inside with their buffalo. Still, as we get more inside, we can see little wildlife like wild boar, axis deer, and even tiger pug marks which shows the presence of Big cats in the Dhela zone itself.

Dhela zone is a circuit which typically jeep safari drivers cover in anticlockwise means we enter from one side and exit from other by taking around and at the end of the Dhela zone safari.

We also come across a beautiful grassland and a watchtower on its edge, which looks more amazing during summer as the grass is shallow and one can see till far.

While Jhirna zone is after crossing Dhela zone means to Enter Dhela zone we have to enter in the forest on our left side from the main road while for Jhira we have to keep moving straight for many kilometers. So the Jhirna zone is a Little more Inside than the Dhela zone. Jhirna zone also Lies in the Buffer zone of Corbett national park. Still, one can not see any tribal community or domestic animals like buffalo inside the Jhirna zone, and wildlife is good. However, there can feel tiger presence quickly. During my jeep safari in the Jhirna zone, I heard a tiger roar clearly and saw axis deer, sambhar deer, hog deer, barking deer, white face monkey, etc.

If you are confused about selecting between the two, go with Jhirna Zone First and then Dhela Zone because both zones contain Different geographical areas and maps that one must visit at least once. In the forest, who knows which animal can encounter animal at what day and time. Many times, people are disappointed as they don’t have a glimpse of a tiger in the Dhikala zone, but visitors on the Dhela zone jeep safari are lucky enough.




jhirna zone jeep safari
Two guards patrolling the forest borders


jhirna zone
Another gate of the Jhirna zone inside the Dhela range
jhirna zone forest
Jhirna zone forest


Jhirna zone jeep safari Jim Corbett national park
grassland of  jeep safari Jim Corbett national park


Jhirna zone jeep safari Jim Corbett national park
elephants inside Jhirna zone in Jim Corbett national park


Jhirna zone jeep safari Jim Corbett national park
elephants inside  jeep safari Jim Corbett national park


Jhirna zone jeep safari Jim Corbett national park
Our jeep safari driver made way for the safari jeep to cross the road as the road was washed away last night by rapid rain.


Jhirna zone jeep safari Jim Corbett national park
rules and regulation notice board inside Jhirna forest rest house area


Jhirna zone jeep safari Jim Corbett national park
Jhirna forest rest house picture


Jhirna zone jeep safari Jim Corbett national park
me taking a selfie during speedy jeep safari


Jhirna zone jeep safari Jim Corbett national park
ME( Subhash Chaudhary ) selfie during jeep safari Jim Corbett national park

we have successfully covered this jeep safari Jim Corbett national park in 2 hours, and we also encountered a tiger who was roaring from the forest, but we did not watch him as in monsoon, the forest was very lush and green.

to watch all this in video format on youtube, here is the link Jhirna zone jeep safari Jim Corbett national park

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apple orchard harsil valley



We were on our car(KIA seltos) journey towards Gangotri temple (Uttarakhand Char Dham Yaoutsidetra) and Gangotri Temple is inside Gangotri national park.

apple orchard in harsil valley gangotri national park
Apple Orchard in Harsil Valley Gangotri national park

There is a place called Harsil which is famous for there natural beauty and apple orchard. As we reached there it was the time of evening and suddenly we saw first apple orchard beside the road and we were so excited to stop the car and get into the apple orchard field but the apple orchard field was guarded by there owners so we took the permission and get inside quickly actually the owners are so humble and welcoming nature, so we don’t miss the chance and enjoy the quality time there.

We also talk about the apple varieties in the orchard and harsil valley and the owners really gave us quality information. they told most of the premium apple variety like (royal apple). royal apple is the first batch of the apple comes in early October and most of the apple is exported to foreign as the quality is best among all.

and they told 2nd batch is of the variety named delicious apple which comes in the last of October(the time we were travelling to Gangotri temple). so we have to purchase the delicious variety apple only as this is the session and time they are available. so we purchased four carton box of apple

all this activity and journey is recoded by me via my phone (one plus 6 ) for my youtube audience. so you also don’t forget to enjoy this al journey video. here is the link of video harsil valley Uttarakhand

If you want to know more about me here is my about us page 

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so I am continuing my story from the last blog here the link of the last vlog from Dehradun to Uttarkashi


on the way to gangotri
on the way to gangotri

it’s almost afternoon and we keep moving in our car towards Gangotri just after crossing Gangotri we reached a place called …… this place has the most number of Ashram as I show you in my youtube video 2nd part here is the link of the second part.

soon we reached the KHEDI waterfall and there we clicked many pictures and record beautiful waterfall video.

we took our lunch at bhatwari AT MERU restaurant we enjoy delicious bhang ki chutney and rajma chawal and we also opened our lunch box there.

soon after crossing bhatwari beautiful scenery view start coming and famous sulphur water swimming pool (gangnani) also in front of us but due to shortage of time, we cant visit there and promised ourself to visit this while returning from Gangotri.

it’s almost evening before we reach harshil. the part of this trip is that we have one aunty (sarla aunty)with us her hometown is itself harshil and there is all relatives and parents live. so we got a warm welcome from a local family. where we enjoy apple garden orchid and eat lots of apple by plugging directly from tree . apple of harshil was so amazing and fresh that we ordered 2 cart of apple instantly which we picked while returning from gangotri.

you can enjoy all this trip in the video format over youtube i already post of link but here is the one more link you can click over this is you will be directly diverter to my 2nd part of gangotri trip from dehradun over youtube

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Dehradun To Uttarkashi-Gangotri Dham Journey With Family गंगोत्री धाम की यात्रा in KIA SELTOS

Dehradun To Uttarkashi-Gangotri Dham Journey With Family गंगोत्री धाम की यात्रा in KIA SELTOS

gangotri temple visit
Gangotri temple


Hi, Today I want to put some light on my journey from Dehradun To Uttarkashi-Gangotri Dham With my Family (गंगोत्री धाम की यात्रा) in KIA SELTOS in October last 2020.

before I start writing this blog I would like to inform you that this whole journey is also available to watch in video format over youtube. Here is the link- Dehradun To Uttarkashi-Gangotri Dham Journey With Family गंगोत्री धाम की यात्रा in KIA SELTOS

So this story starts when our neighbour Rohit Pangti purchased a brand new KIA SELTOS from Dehradun showroom in October 2020 and he is very excited to visit somewhere far so that he can drive his car KIA SELTOS as long drive.

he wanted to take me and my mother with him along with his family. first, we decided to visit Badrinath temple but soon we realised that it’s too far to cover within a single day as Badrinath temple is 332 km approx(according to google) so we changed to plan to Gangotri.

we started our journey early in the morning around 6 am and reached Gangotri very comfortably(thank Kia seltos) by evening 6 pm and next day we joined Gangotri temple morning aarti at 7 am and after that, we do breakfast and leave for Dehradun and by evening we easily reached back to Dehradun home but in middle of that, we had lots of fun and much activities and also visited apple orchid in Harshil.

so to know in detail don’t forget to watch my vlog on my youtube channel – Subhash Chaudhary Vlogs

ABOUT ME – I am Subhash Chaudhary and I live in Dehradun city of Uttarakhand state in north India.

I am a travel and lifestyle vlogger and forest enthusiast. I am a regular Jim Corbett national park and Rajaji national park visitor. I have been to all forest rest houses inside Jim Corbett national park and Rajaji national park in Uttarakhand. To know about me in details you can visit this About me page.


Nainital to Mussoorie

mountain, clouds sky, shade

Nainital to Mussoorie


Nainital to Mussoorie by road Distance is 314 km and 8 hours 19 minutes. you can cover this distance in the single stretch by taking only 2 stops of 30 minutes each which can make your journey to 9 hours 19 minutes in total.

If I talk about the road – 80 per cent of the journey is in plain area and the rest is in the hilly region.  the hilly drive is only in the beginning 1 hours and the last hour of the journey. you have to cross Uttar Pradesh states and its cities-  Dhampur and Najibabade.

nainital india, lake, stormy weather
Nainital- Naini lake
mountain, clouds sky, shade
Mussoorie- A hill station

After crossing Uttar Pradesh you have to again enter in Uttarakhand state and have to cross Haridwar and reach Mussoorie via Dehradun.

If You Like a stay overnight in Dehradun on Main Mussoorie road. Then you can surely don’t miss this Property El Bosque Studio Apartment.

if you would like to book the first one online you can book it via Airbnb or or contact directly to +91 9760385133

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Dehradun to Mussoorie By Road

mussoorie road dehradun

Dehradun to Mussoorie

Dehradun to Mussoorie is India’s most famous road ever. This road is very frequently used on weekends by Dehradun, Delhi NCR or 250 km radius area all through the year. most crowded season throughout the year is summer vacation time May and June. during summer holidays Dehradun to Mussoorie road always in a traffic jam up to 5 kilometres sometimes.

Mussoorie road actually started from the divided road Dehradun which is separated from rajpur road Dehradun after pacific mall.


Dehradun to Mussoorie road is an all steep and wide road. The road is really beautiful with different views at each turn. It is just 26 kilometres and 50 minutes journey from Dehradun to Mussoorie. As journey started from Dehradun first we pass through Dit Ims university on the left and then famous shiv mandir on the right( where tourist halt for a tea break).

rajpur road dehradun
rajpur road Dehradun

In the above picture, you can see rajpur road and this is the turning point or you can say starting point of Mussoorie road which turns towards the left.

shiv mandir dehradun
shiv mandir Dehradun

The above picture is of shiv mandir Dehradun which lies just starting phase of the journey from Dehradun to Mussoorie.

As we move ahead we start getting lots of maggie point on our left-hand side with Dehradun panoramic view but on the right-hand side is only the wall of the hill throughout the way.

We also get a lake called Mussoorie lake on the left side which is chargeable for the boating. this is also the paragliding point if anyone interesting to do.

mussoorie lake
Mussoorie lake
mussoorie paragliding
Mussoorie paragliding
ikya land mussoorie
Ikya land Mussoorie

The above picture is of adventure sports Ikya island Mussoorie which is on the main Dehradun to Mussoorie road on the right-hand side.

After we cross all this there will be on one divider from where the left road is leading to the starting point of Mussoorie Mall Road(Library chowk) and the right road is leading to the most right end of the Mussoorie Mall road(Picture palace). You can Take any road according to your interest but I always select the right as this also leads towards the Landour (cantonment area of Mussoorie) but left one is also leading towards Yamunotri, kempty falls, company garden etc.

mall road
Mall Road Mussoorie during monsoon
pizza @emily cafe
this is nanjaas at my favourite restaurant – Emily cafe landour Mussoorie
rockyby manor emily cafe landour
Rockby manor Emily cafe Mussoorie

So, guys, this is all about our journey in detail about the road from Dehradun to Mussoorie. Hope you like this. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and on my youtube channel as I keep updating my travel stuff there regularly.

And in the last, I am leaving you with a picture of Mussoorie road.





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