hirna zone jeep safari Jim Corbett national park


Jhirna zone jeep safari in Jim Corbett national park is really a must-visit place for tourist as this zone also has tigers and they can be easily sighted and this zone also has one forest rest house and Jhirna river which you one must have to cross during jeep safari this zone is almost open throughout the year for tourist.


I have done this zone safari in august 2020 with my 3 more friends. we reached Ramnagar in the night from Dehradun via car. we stay overnight in a resort and next day early morning we headed towards our Jhirna zone safari in Dhela Range, Actually, Jhirna and Dhela zone are in same area direction (West side of Ramnagar) But we have stayed in a resort on Nainital Highway which is in the opposite direction and 25 km far from Jhirna Zone gate.

So, our driver Charge 200 Rupay extra for this distance but we don’t mind paying him as we also understand this genuine charge.



Soon we start out jeep safari we encounter this Hut inside villagers farm which looks really authentic with cow and buffalo tied there.

And we move ahead and reached Jhirna zone after 45 minutes Ride-on main concrete road we found ourself on the main Jhirna zone gate.



As we were travelling in a lockdown session and due to corona guidelines we have to wear a mask and follow all covid rules and regulation and main forest guard check our documents and allow us after confirmation.

Our jeep safari enters inside the buffer zone of Jhirna forest rest house our excitements keep increasing and I start making a youtube video for my youtube channel – SUBHASH CHAUDHARY VLOGS

Here is the link of Jhirna zone jeep safari Jim Corbett national park

you can enjoy the detailed information video about our jeep safari to Jhirna of Corbett national park in monsoon.




Both the zones have same entry gate called Dhela gate and just after entering the Dhela gate we come across the Dhela zone which is a buffer zone means it is close to villages and Tribal community can be seen roaming inside with there buffalo but as we get more inside we can see little wildlife like wild boar, axis deer and even tiger pug mark which shows the presence of Big cats in the Dhela zone itself.

Dhela zone is a circuit which normally jeep safari drivers cover in anticlockwise means we enter from one side and exit from other by taking around and at the end of the Dhela zone safari we also come across a beautiful grassland and a watchtower on the edge of it which looks more amazing during summer as the grass is very low and one can see till far.

While Jhirna zone is after crossing Dhela zone means to Enter Dhela zone we have to enter in the forest on our left side from the main road while for Jhira we have to keep moving straight for many kilometres. Jhirna zone is Little more Inside as Compared to Dhela zone. Jhirna zone also Lies in Buffer zone of Corbett national park but one can not see any tribal community or domestic animals like buffalo inside Jhirna zone and presence of wildlife is good there tiger presence can be felt easily. During my jeep safari in Jhirna zone, I heard tiger roar clearly and saw axis deer, sambhar deer, hog deer, barking deer, white face monkey etc..

If you are confused to select between the two I must say go with Jhirna Zone First and then Dhela Zone because both the zone are containing Different geographical area and map which must be visited at least once. In the forest who knows which animal can be encounter at what day and time. Many times it happens that people are disappointed as they don’t have a glimpse of a tiger in Dhikala zone but visitors on Dhela zone jeep safari are lucky enough.




jhirna zone jeep safari
2 guards patrolling the forest borders


jhirna zone
Another gate of Jhirna zone inside Dhela range
jhirna zone forest
Jhirna zone forest


Jhirna zone jeep safari Jim Corbett national park
grassland of  jeep safari Jim Corbett national park


Jhirna zone jeep safari Jim Corbett national park
elephants inside Jhirna zone in Jim Corbett national park


Jhirna zone jeep safari Jim Corbett national park
elephants inside  jeep safari Jim Corbett national park


Jhirna zone jeep safari Jim Corbett national park
Our jeep safari driver making a way for safari jeep to cross the road as the road was washed away last night by rapid rain


Jhirna zone jeep safari Jim Corbett national park
rules and regulation notice board inside Jhirna forest rest house area


Jhirna zone jeep safari Jim Corbett national park
Jhirna forest rest house picture


Jhirna zone jeep safari Jim Corbett national park
me taking a selfie during speedy jeep safari


Jhirna zone jeep safari Jim Corbett national park
ME( Subhash Chaudhary ) selfie during jeep safari Jim Corbett national park

we have successfully covered this jeep safari Jim Corbett national park in 2 hour time and we also encounter a tiger who was roaring from the forest but we do not have watched him as in monsoon, the forest was very lush and green.

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vana dehradun

Vana Dehradun can be described in many words like – A luxurious Hotel, A Wellness Retreat, Ayurvedic Retreat, Rejenuvation and detoxification holidays. Vana is one of the elite property in India for the rich class.

vana dehradun
Vana Dehradun

Vana Dehradun is situated as the name suggests in Dehradun city of Uttrakhand state in north India. Which is 250km from New Delhi (capital of India).

Vana Retreat centre is surrounded by a lush green forest atmosphere with less disturbance from the outside world and situated beside Super specialist hospital- Max Hospital Dehradun which is on the main Mussoorie(Famous hill station) Highway.

vana dehradun
music in vana dehradun

Vana is designed by a Spanish architecture Esteva and it is spread over 21 acres with 66 rooms, 16 suites and 4 villas.

Types of Retreat in Vana Dehradun
  1. Ayurveda
  2. Tibetan healing
  3. yoga
  4. fitness
  5. aqua
  6. natural therapies
Property has an awesome
  • Ayurvedic Centre
  • Tibetan healing centre
  • a yoga studio and temple
  • well centre and spa
  • a private watsu pool
  • two common indoor and outdoor heated pools
  • two tennis courts.
  • own mediation and treatment centre
  • 2 in-house restaurants

Vana is very serious about our environment that’s why Vana never compromises with organic. Vana uses all bed and bath linen is 100% organic, there bottling plant saves around 1 lack plastic bottles/year and all food served is from there own farm.

Two eateries, mindful cuisine, a juice bar, more than 500 bits of craftsmanship, library, boutique, natural gardens and perspectives on the Himalayan lower regions imply that visitors approach a scope of exercises and offices to appreciate outside their retreat.

Vana is a rare gem and it is a retreat we recommend wholeheartedly for clients looking for a meaningful wellness experience. The food is outstanding, and the design is stylish and minimalist. More importantly, it has the best wellness facilities we’ve ever come across with an extensive menu of holistic treatments, highly qualified specialists and kind staff.

Vana is an uncommon diamond and it is a retreat we suggest wholeheartedly for customers searching for an important health experience. The food is remarkable, and the structure is smart and moderate. All the more significantly, it has the best wellbeing offices we’ve at any point gone over with a broad menu of comprehensive medicines, profoundly qualified masters and kind staff

Here below is the youtube channel of Vana Dehradun

Vana Dehradun original website from where you can make reservation or inquiry – VANA WEBSITE

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Corbett national park resorts India

The best area to get the real resort feelings is always near any national park where we get immense peace with a wilderness experience and I don’t think there is any other better place than Jim Corbett national park resorts.

Resorts play an important role in our detoxification and rejuvenation of mind and we feel really relaxed once we stayed with any beautiful resort.

As I already been to many many resorts around Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh but the best quality time I lived the most is the resorts near the national park.

You know resorts are everywhere in-plane area, on hills, near city, rural area some are inside a big city like Dehradun also. But the best one I experienced is near the national park- Uttrakhand have 2 areas where the most numbers of resorts located and they are

  1. near Rajaji national park-Rishikesh Haridwar region
  2. near Jim Corbett national park- Ramnagar Nainital region.

Since 2016 I start travelling part-time and start driving outside Dehradun too. I have been to all pilgrimage in Uttarakhand – Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, Yamunotri and trek will Madmaheshwar temple( i already published a blog on this ) and Jim Corbett and Rajaji National park is like a home to me have been there countless time.

Rishikesh city I lived the most my YouTube channel is flooded with Rishikesh videos. Recently I covered Rishikesh-river Ganga water cleanliness in lockdown on my youtube channel.

A hobby is generated inside me to know more about these resorts- how they put themselves unique, how each resort location is having unique wilderness property, unique floral and fauna around.

Each resort geographic area is very unique with a unique view and food.

Every resort is made for a special guest. It depends on which resort shoots you perfectly.

I just want to inform you that Around Corbett park itself there are approx 200 resorts and every resort is very unique and better than each other.

I still remember the days when it is a big challenge for me to select the best of the best resort which can suit my needs perfectly.

I’m kind of guy who loves nature, wilderness and a resort which I located inside the forest or just edge of it. As in Corbett, it is not permissible for private resorts to built inside forest land as it is all reserved forest so 100 per cent Resorts are outside or on the edge of Forest area except the government-owned forest rest house.

I always love to stay at Peaceful Resort with lots of birds and animal Around. I want to hear the sound of wild animals coming from Forest in the night and where staff gives instruction like not to visit here and there in the evening as this is dangerous because of wild animals movement.

Actually this area of Jim Corbett National park is all in the foothills of Himalayas or foothills of Shivalik hills and combination of planes and hills. It is rich with water as two river – Ram Ganga (the lifeline of Corbett) and Kosi river passing through it.

So, the climatical and geographical condition is very suitable for floral and fauna and maybe that’s the reason why 600 different species of birds are found here.

Let’s understand the area of Corbett where these Resorts mushrooming most.

There are 3 major roads leading from ram Nagar city.

  1.  Towards Nainital ( Kaladhungi)
  2.  Dhela road.
  3. Ranikhet road ( separated from the road leading towards Marchula )

I am posting some pictures of a few resorts in the Corbett area.

jim corbett national park resorts
a resort near Marchula zone of Corbett
jim corbett national park resorts
open dining with Corbett overview

In the above pictures you see and can feel the environment you can get in our own country in north India and very close to New Delhi. now you don’t need to visit far and expensive south Africa safari trip because you have everything here, luxury with wildlife.

actually I am regular Corbett national park traveller and already published many vlogs on my youtube channel, you must also watch those videos and in future also I am going to visit each resort in Corbett. don’t miss the opportunity to follow me. must subscribe my youtube channel.  Youtube channel.

Corbett national park official website is https://www.corbettonline.uk.gov.in/

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