Lokpal And Lokayukta: Remember how we expect not to be lied to when we ourselves have never shied away from lying in the first instance?? It’s like we always fall into the trap of our own excuses to witness a beautiful world but not moving our little fingers to make it one.

In the 1960’s when a bunch of intellectuals couldn’t hold back their vomit any longer, they eventually coloured and covered the JANTAR MANTAR in their so-called demand for a class monitor to tame a rogue class. Well, it never meant to and never did any good.



Material and materials will guide us, stray us and keep us at bay from the eternal truth.
Initially, when Manu was elected to arbitrate the disputes of the civilisation, he was selected on the sole basis of his wisdom. He had a reputation as a just man who was free from partisanship. Gradually when people realised his prudent judgements, they started treating him like a god. He became respectful to an extent that they made him their king.

So what is the takeaway in all this?? Quality comes first and then the position of authority. Authority is assigned to the potential of the person.



Assigning the giant task of a corruption-free society to a position of authority makes no sense even to the senseless. There are so many loopholes in the way we manage our admin systems that it is tiring to calculate them.

We are equipped with Lokpal at the central level and Lokayukta at the state level but we still fail to charm ourselves out of the corruption of minds. We need to understand our degradation as a civilization on a much deeper level. However, for centuries at least some of us have been doing that. But, I guess, we need something else, some other cure. The seeker and the giver of Lokpal, both are in vain, perplexed as to why the act still seems in inertia and nothing is actually changing or becoming better. We are still corrupt as a system, as humanity. We are gross, can we please not be?

The seed sprouts in the dark, blossoms from the bottom and shoots up. We need to mend our foundation and start from the beginning.

It all will start from the school of values, building humane morals, getting in sync with the sunlight, feeling the sensations of our chakras, and becoming present with the universal energy. It all may sound philosophical but philosophy is only practical.

Try and look for your peace. 🙂


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