THANO FOREST REST HOUSE थानो फॉरेस्ट रेस्ट हाउस

THANO FOREST REST HOUSE थानो फॉरेस्ट रेस्ट हाउस

Hi, I am Subhash Chaudhary from Dehradun Uttarakhand and I have been recently visited Thano Forest Rest House.

Actually, this visit is not official but I was coming from Rishikesh to Dehradun via Thano, and but this time I decided to visit Thano Forest Rest house but both the gates are closed (Thano FRH has 2 gates- IN and OUT).

One Gate is Locked and another gate is also closed but without a Lock. I ask the Local Person Standing Near that if I can go inside without permission and he replies yes I can visit there I will find one person.

So I decided to go inside with my bike I open the gate. as I open the gate a person names shiva(caretaker in thano forest rest house) gets alert and ready to question me.

I park my bike and before shiva asks me anything I introduce myself and told I am a YouTuber and I recorded this complete journey for YouTube .you can watch my video there and don’t forget to subscribe to this Youtube channel as I keep exploring Uttarakhand and around.

Suddenly Shiva understands me completely and open his heart or me and start his further conversation and told me many many things about Thano FRH.

AND, I recorded everything and also publish a youtube video for the same.

here is the video link below.

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