sahastradhara road

Sahastradhara Road

Sahastradhara Road

sahastradhara road
sahastradhara road in dehradun

Sahastradhara Road is one the most famous road along Rajpur road, EC road and gms road of Dehradun city.

IT is 11 km long which normally took 26 minutes to cover from one end to another.

Sahastradhara Road Starts from crossing ( T point ) and ends at Sahastradhara tourist spot.

Crossing (T point) is situated on Raipur road from where Shastradhara Road Starts and goes long for about 11 Kilometres.

Till 2010 this road is very calm with less traffic and huge Trees both the side but after 2010 thousands of people shifted from other cities makes this road more famous for business and new residential colony.

Nowadays many colleges, institute and school, hotel and restaurant are open.

This road is basically divided into three patches.
1) Crossing to IT park ( which is very crowded and dusty and with less tree.
2) IT park to Pacific golf ( Road is wider and still more peaceful with less traffic and business)
3) Pacific golf to Shastradhara tourist spot( all hilly area road with almost forest land both the side)

Property Rates on Shastradhara Road.

The highest property rate on Shastradhara Road is on the patch from Crossing to IT park. ( Around 35 k/sq yard)

Then IT park to Pacific golf rate is around 25k/sq yard.


The best area is the one with a good Mussoorie view and more peace around it in the patch from IT park to Pacific golf. One can buy land on both sides of the road. I recommend considering living near Kala Gao( Kala village ) which is situated just near DPS Dehradun ( Delhi public school Dehradun)

Sahastradhara Road main tourist attractions

It has a famous khalanga war memorial, Sahastradhara water stream, waterfall and caves, khalanga Forest.

Restaurant walking wood is one of the most renowned on the road with the most number of visitors every day.

Institute like doon defence academy Dehradun is very famous in all over India among students doing preparation for Defence joining.

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