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Pot water saves us from many diseases

Pot water saves us from many diseases

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In the summertime, people use to drink cold water to beat the thrust. Many people use Refrigerator to cold the water but few people who live away from the city and don’t have refrigerator are habitual of using mud pot to cold the water naturally.

The smell of water from mud is really amazing. Pot water is really tasty and health for the body

Let’s understand the benefits of drinking pot water :

  • The Pot water gives alkaline water, whose PH is balanced so it is really healthy for the body.
  • Testosterone hormones increase by drinking Pot water. Testosterone hormones are also known as male hormones.
  • Drinking water from mud Pot never leads to stomach problems like- Acidity, constipation, Irritation.
  • Regular use of this water can also increase the immunity power of the body.

This is how to take care of the mud pot

ancient, pottery, pots

Clean the pot once in a week with hot water and after cleaning refill it with the freshwater.

Use any cotton cloth piece to close the mouth of the pot so that no dust particle can enter inside the pot or if possible use a mud made cover to cover the pot from the top.

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