Villa in Dehradun on Rent

Villa in Dehradun on Rent -Dehradun is the city in Uttarakhand that most tourists visit during their holidays. This city offers many seasonal attractions, from spectacular mountains to lush green valleys. It’s known as the “City of Trees” due to its dense forests and greenery. It has also become one of the tourist destinations for those who love nature and outdoor activities. However, due to limited infrastructure in this region, tourists always face difficulties reaching various destinations, further exacerbated by time-consuming arrival and departure procedures like special trip tickets or travel insurance policies required just to board a plane or train. Many online platforms offer cheap airfares/hotel charges while booking your holiday homes in Dehradun or other parts of Uttarakhand using booking portals to avoid such problems.


Photos of a villa in Dehradun on rent

villa in dehradun Villa in Dehradun Villa in Dehradun villa in dehradun on rent

you Can Book this Property Via Whatsapp Direct Message

Whatsapp Direct MessageĀ 

Or CAll 9760385133

This Property is on the Outskirt of Dehradun which is near Prem Nagar and the suddhowala area of Dehradun. property can be easily accessible via road by own transportation.

there is no cook provided at the property one needs to do self-cooking or food can be ordered from outside (nearby Restaurant.

this property holds a 650 sq yard area and a pine wood cottage built at one corner of the plot. one can sit and play inside the premises.

there is an open shower also already shown in the video below. once you reach the property there is a feeling of peace and only the chirping of birds can be listed from the nearby forest.

the place is really cut off from city hustle and bustle here one can feel complete detox. recommend this place for those who want to practice something in silence like yoga, medication or writing or anything else which need peaceful space and concentration.

you Can Book this Property Via Whatsapp Direct Message

Whatsapp Direct MessageĀ 

Or CAll 9760385133

Here is the video Link from this property



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