Rajaji National Park Ticket Price

Rajaji National Park Ticket Price May vary from Gate to gate. Rajaji National Park Has 6 Entry gates.

  • chilla gate
  • Mohand gate
  • Ranipur gate
  • Jhilmil gate
  • Motichur gate
  • Asharori gate

Every gate has different entry charges ranging from 2500 inr 5000 depending upon the number of tourists in the jeep safari.

The maximum no of tourists who can sit inside a jeep safari is 7. one beside the driver and the other six can adjust on both the back seats.

Rajaji National Park Ticket Price is a combination of 3 Different charges

  1. jeep safari charge
  2. Road Fee For Jeep
  3. tourist Entrance Fee

Jeep Safari charge is approx 2000 inr to 2500 inr Same in both the cases for indin and foreigner tourist.

jeep Road Fee  is also fixed 250 inr for Indian tourist and 500 inr for foreigner tourist

The entrance Fee Per Person is 150 for India and 600 for foreign Tourists.


Rajaji National Park Ticket Price
Rajaji National Park

It is a 2-3 hour safari by jeep, in the morning (gate open: 07-09 hrs) and evening time (gate open 3-5 hrs) in which you can experience the jungle. Rajaji National Park is a Known tourist destination located in Uttarakhand, India. The area is mainly famous for the Asiatic Elephant Reserve. The main carrier options around the reserve are jeep safaris. Private vehicles are not permitted inside the reserve forest, a point to be noted while traveling to Rajaji. In Rajaji, you can get a possibility to see spotted deer, sambar, wild boar, tiger, panther, barking deer, goral, two types of bear, Himalayan black and sloth, and more than 400 bird species making Rajaji National Park ideal wildlife. Make safaris—bird watching places.

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