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Phato zone in Corbett National park

A new chapter of jungle safari will start from Phato Zone in Corbett National Park, PM Modi will launch

The love of wildlife and the pleasant feeling of nature amidst the sight of tigers is definitely found in Corbett National Park. But if you want even better, then from December 30, your wish will also be fulfilled. Everything will be new. New ways. Range new. Treehouse new. Rest House New. Site Scene New. Elephant herd. Tiger. Bear and then Gypsy is also new. There will be no crowd and no booking fight. Nothing artificial. all-natural. Quite different from Dhikala, Bijrani, Dhela, Jhirna, Pakhro. Looking at the Fato Tourism Zone of Terai Western Forest Division, its photo will go straight to the heart.

phato zone in corbett national park
phato zone in corbett national park

For the first time, the forest department is opening the doors of this range for tourists. With this, it will be the tenth tourism zone to be operated from Ramnagar. With its opening, the pressure of tourists in Corbett Park and the Sitawani Zone will also be reduced. Tiger, Guldar, Elephant, Chital, Reptiles, Birds of all species are present here with mixed dense forest. Its entrance has been made in Mohan Nagar Gujar Jhala of Maldhan, just 23 km from Ramnagar. Here tourists will be able to do exciting safaris within 18 kilometers of the forest.

stay at the treehouse in phato zone in corbett national park

Right now there will be a day safari in this zone. But in the future, it will be very special in terms of night stay. Here tourists will be able to enjoy staying in the treehouse. At present, five tree houses have been completed. There are two rooms in a treehouse, in which five to six tourists can easily stay. That is the arrangement for the stay of 30 tourists in one night. If you stay in rooms made of wood on a tall tree, you will find yourself in the lap of the tree.

Four rooms in the British Forest Outpost

Rajkumar, Ranger of Phato Tourism Zone, says that along with a treehouse, four rooms have been built for a night stay in the British Forest Post. Along with this, two rooms have also been prepared in the 109-year-old rest house. For the last 10 years, preparations were going on to develop this area as a tourism zone. After the beautification of the British bungalow, now the Fato Tourism Zone has been finalized.

Direct employment to over 200 people

The opening of the new zone will also provide employment opportunities. This will directly benefit about 200 gypsy owners and drivers of Ramnagar and Maldhan. With the opening of the zone, the villagers will also open shops for the purchase of tourists in their area.

The fee will be on the lines of Corbett

On the lines of Corbett Park, one thousand rupees will be taken from six people for a gypsy safari. 40-40 gypsies will be allowed for morning and evening safaris. Initially, booking for safaris will be offline.

More people will get employment from the new zone

DFO Terai Western Forest Division Ramnagar BS Shahi said that the new zone will give revenue to the department and employment to the local people. With the opening of the new zone, direct employment will be available to about 200 gypsy owners and drivers. If there is a good number of tourists, the facility of night stay in Phato will also be increased.

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