kotdwar uttarakhand

Kotdwar Uttarakhand

Kotdwar Uttarakhand: Gateway of Garhwal

Kotdwar Uttarakhand – The Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand, India, contains the cities, the municipal corporation, and the tehsil of Kotdwar.
The district’s administrative centre, Pauri Town, is about 101 miles away.
It is Uttrakhand’s eighth-largest city.
Due to its placement on the bank of the river Khoh, its previous name, “Khohdwar,” meant “the doorway of the river Khoh”[2].
It is one of the primary entryways into the state of Uttarakhand and is at the state’s southwest.

kotdwar uttarakhand
kotdwar uttarakhand

Connectivity With Kotdwar Uttarakhand


The closest airport to Kotdwar is Air Jolly Grant Airport, which is 105 kilometres away.
Taxis and buses to Kotdwar are readily available from Jolly Grant Airport.


Kotdwar has excellent rail connections to the country’s largest cities.
Kotdwar is home to one of India’s oldest railroad stations.


Road connections from Kotdwar to the main Uttarakhand destinations are excellent.
From Delhi, buses to Kotdwar are reasonably accessible.
National Highway offers convenient access to Kotdwar.


Kotdwar is in the Himalayan foothills.
The city covers an area of 80 km.
By car, Kotdwar lies 120 kilometres north of Delhi, 99 km east of Roorkee, 208 km west of Nainital, and 30 km south of Dehradun.
Kotdwar is on the western edge of the Himalayas at 454 metres in height.

Weather Conditions in Kotdwar Uttarakhand

The weather in Kotdwar is often subtropical, although it may also be tropical; it can range from scorching in the summer to bitterly cold in the winter, depending on the time of year and the altitude of the particular site.
Although Kotdwar is not known to experience below-freezing temperatures, the steep areas frequently receive snowfall throughout the winter.
Winter temperatures typically range between 4 and 20 °C, whereas summer temperatures can sometimes reach 40 °C.
At Kotdwar, the Pauri district’s most perfect temperature was 44 °C.
There are frequently long stretches of intense rainfall throughout the monsoon season.
Nearly as much rain falls in Kotdwar and other plains regions of Uttarakhand as in Coastal Maharashtra.
In the hilly areas, the wintertime climate is pretty favourable.
Alluvial soil rich in nutrients, good drainage, and lots of rain benefits agriculture.
May has the warmest weather, with an average temperature of 36 °C.
January 20 °C is the month with the lowest average high temperature.
January has the lowest average low temperature (6 °C, or 43 °F), making it the coldest month.
July has the most rainfall (361 mm), making it the wettest (14.2 in).
The least rainy month is November (10 mm), which is also the driest (0.39 in).
June has the most extended days (Average daylight: 14h).
December is the month with the fewest days (Average daylight: 10.3h).

kotdwar uttarakhand

Kotdwar Uttarakhand: History

Once secluded and little recognised at first, it gained popularity after the British connected it to rails in 1890. The well-known and revered Sidhbali Temple, located 2 kilometres (1.2 miles) from Kotdwar, is the reason for the town’s fame. Numerous worshipers frequent the Lord Hanuman-dedicated Sidhbali Temple throughout the year.

The city first came under the rule of the Mauryan Empire under the Great Ashoka, then the Katyuri dynasty, and finally the Panwar dynasty of Garhwal.

British control

Gurkhas ruled Kotdwar for about 12 years before the British overthrew them and seized power. The British built one of the oldest railway stations in Kotdwar. They utilised it to transport Garhwal timber because it was a gateway to Garhwal. In 1901, the initial passenger train ran.


In Kotdwar, Hinduism predominates over other religions.
Islam, Christianity, Jainism, and Sikhism are different religions with sizable followings.
Kotdwar had 1,75,232 residents as of the 2011–2020 India Census.
Males make up 53% of the population, while females make up 47%.
The average literacy rate in Kotdwar is 79.63 per cent, which is higher than the 64.83 per cent national average.
Eighty-eight per cent of men and 75.5 per cent of women are literate.
In addition, 14 per cent of people in Kotdwar are under the age of six.
kotdwar uttarakhand

Kotdwar Uttarakhand: Tourist Attractions

The Sidhbali Temple in Kotdwar Uttarakhand

The Siddhabali Temple, devoted to Lord Hanuman, is located 3.4 km from Kotdwar’s primary market, including the bus terminal and railway station.
The temple is situated nearly 50 metres above the river bank on the bank of the Khoh.
Every year, many devotees, including Hindus and members of other communities, visit the location.

Durga Devi temple

It is a significant place of worship 10 miles from the central town.
Numerous travellers stop at Lansdowne to view the Durga Devi shrine.
4 km before Duggada and 11 km before Kotdwar, you’ll find the Durga Devi Temple.
Near Kotdwar is where you’ll find the Durga Devi Temple.
On the route to Dugadda, 11 kilometres from Kotdwar’s bus terminal, is where you’ll find the Durga Devi Temple.


Regarding India’s history, Kanvashram is a significant location in terms of archaeology, culture, and history.
It is 14 kilometres from Kotdwar and is along the Malini River.
People say that Indra, the ruler of the Gods, was alarmed by Sage Vishwamitra’s meditation and dispatched Menaka, a stunning angelic damsel, to earth to disturb his contemplation.
She was able to sabotage Vishwamitra’s meditation.
She had a female kid as a result of their union.
After accomplishing her goal, Menka left the kid on the bank of the Malini River and returned to her heavenly home.
The sage Kanva found this kid and raised it in his ashram, which he called Kanvashram.
The sage gave her the name Shakuntala.
She later wed Dushyanta, the king of this territory.
The prince Bharata, after whom India was named Bharatavarsha, was born to her as a son named Bharata.
History says that the ashram of Kanva Rishi housed almost 10,000 students. As a result, the ghati became known as Kanvaghati.

Jim Corbett National Park

With a total area of 1,318 km2, Jim Corbett National Park is one of India’s first national parks.
The park offers accessible viewing opportunities for Bengal Tigers, leopards, deer, elephants, and bears.
Trivendra Singh Rawat, the chief minister, officially opened the Jim Corbett National Park access from Kotdwar on November 27, 2017.
Many travels to Kotdwar and adjacent Garhwal regions for ecotourism and safari vehicle operations.

sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary

Lansdowne Near Kotdwar Uttarakhand

Since the British arrived in India, Lansdowne (town) has gained popularity and is one of the country’s quietest hill stations.
In contrast to most hill towns, Lansdowne is secluded and well connected by motorable roads.
It is at an elevation of 1,700 metres above sea level, encircled by dense oak and blue pine forests.
Lord Lansdowne, the Viceroy of India from 1888 to 1894, gave the town of Lansdowne its name.
The command post for the Indian Army’s Garhwal Rifles division is also at Lansdowne.

Koteshwar Mahadev Temple

This temple is 1428 metres above sea level and is quite popular with childless couples.
The Himalayan peaks in the east, Haridwar in the west, and the Siddha Pith Medanpuri Devi temple in the south encircle the temple, which is home to a Shivling.
According to legend, a local woman accidentally struck a Shivling while excavating, and after that, divine voices commanded the villagers to build a temple to Lord Shiva.
As a result, people built the Koteshwar Mahadev temple.
Couples without children who recite the Mahamrityunjaya mantra (verse) for the entire Shravana month are said to get blessings from the Lord and have their aspirations come true.
Additionally, people say that the Goddess rides the lion as her mount during the Navratras.

Devi Medanpuri

The temple, also known as the Medanpuri Devi temple, is located at 1657 metres.
The word “Medan” literally translates to “curd,” People say that the Goddess bestows her blessings on her followers in milk, curd, and whey.
According to legend, a household in the village of Marora’s hearth was where the Goddess first appeared, hidden within a curd bowl.
During the Navratras, there is an arrangement of extraordinary sacrifices.
At Haridwar, Chandighat, and Rishikesh (37 miles), cabs and jeeps are available (42 km).
Chila offers lodging in tourist rest houses (36 km).

Church of St. Joseph

This Church is Asia’s second-largest church at this altitude and is located 1.3 kilometres (0.81 mi) from Kotdwar bus terminus.
It is accessible to people from all communities every day.

Danda Charekh

The famous sage Maharishi Charak previously resided in Charkanya Shikhar, also known as “Charekh Danda” in the area.
It was in this location that Maharishi Charak wrote the Granth, or book, “Nighut,” which contained essential knowledge about the native medicinal plants of the Himalayas.
Kotdwara is 20 kilometres away.
From this location, you can see Kotdwara City and the Himalayas.

Ashram Shoonya Shikhar

A spiritual hub close to Kotdwara is this.
The settlement of Balli, which is itself about 30 kilometres upwards from Kotdwara, is accessible via a 7-mile hike.
The Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj’s meditation cave is at the Shoonya Shikar Ashram.
It draws visitors from around the world, especially Vihangam Yoga devotees looking for advanced meditation.

Temple of Tarkeshwar

This temple is a long-gone Shiva temple encircled by tall cedar trees.
It is at 1,800 metres (5,900 feet) above sea level, 38 kilometres (24 miles) northeast of Lansdowne on the Lansdowne-Deriyakhal route.
It is a famous tourist destination in the area is Tarkeshwar Temple, which is about 75-80 kilometres (47-50 mi) away.
Deodar trees line its perimeter.
The Bironkhal roadway was used instead of Chaukhuliyakhal as the route to Tarkeshwar Temple.

Temple of Devi Bhagwati

One hundred thirty-five kilometres (84 miles) away from Kotdwar.
The location receives a lot of pilgrims all year round.
One of the most significant places of worship for the Garhwali people is the Devi Bhagwati Temple (Especially Chandkot, Pauri Garhwal).

Have a pleasant stay at Kotdwar, Uttarakhand. 🙂 

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