jim corbett to rishikesh

jim corbett to rishikesh

Jim Corbett To Rishikesh is The most frequently asked question by lots of tourists visiting Corbett National park in Ramnagar. As A Famous Youtuber From This Area( Rishikesh and Corbett), It’s My responsibility to reply to You With a Perfect Answer.

Look there are 2 ways Anyone can Travel From Jim corbett to Rishikesh
1. Via By Road
2. via by Train
3. taking flight is not a good option as it takes lots of time and money for just this simple short route.

Let’s Talk about the road route and condition from Jim corbett to Rishikesh

First have a look on this google map image which shtance ows the time taken and dis

jim corbett to rishikesh
Corbett to Rishikesh

According to Google Maps, this is the perfect route and according to me as well. 196 km approx distance with approx 4 hours 30 minutes of non-stop drive but normally people take 1 stop on this route so suppose if one takes 1 stop of 1 hour then the time take from Corbett to Rishikesh is approx 5 hours 30 minutes.

My Favorite Food Stop on the route from Jim Corbett to Rishikesh

Khaira Dhaba is my Favorite food stop always during my visit to corbett or coming back from there to Dehradun Rishikesh.

The exact location of this Dhaba – https://goo.gl/maps/AjgZSeX8cCc4qgXGA

khaira dhaba haridwar
kahira dhaba haridwar

Taxi Normally charge 4000 to 5000 inr from Jim Corbett to Rishikesh.

Let’s Talk about the Train route and condition from corbett to Rishikesh

Actually, there is NO Direct Train From Ramnagar Jim corbett to Rishikesh Available Till Date.

From Ramnagar one have to take a train to Moradabad and then have to take the Rishikesh train. but that’s a bit hectic so it’s better to come via an ordinary bus or Volvo from Kashipur or a private taxi.

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