garden sheds sunshine coast

Garden Sheds Sunshine Coast

garden sheds sunshine coast – The Sunshine Coast is a popular vacation spot in Australia, but it’s also a great area to live. Spanbilt Direct offers a variety of small to larger garden sheds perfect for all uses, with dwellings ranging from enormous residential mansions to modest apartment living.

garden sheds sunshine coast

Apartment Living on the Sunshine Coast with Small Garden Sheds
Storage space is typically not one of the numerous pleasures that come with apartment life. For apartments and townhouses, Spanbilt Direct has thoughtfully created a selection of small garden sheds. Whether you install them on balconies or in the parking lot, these sleek and compact designs provide a solution for secure storage.

garden sheds sunshine coast

Suburban garden sheds on the Sunshine Coast

At Spanbilt Direct, we specialise in suburban backyard garden sheds; we’ve been producing sheds for Queenslanders for many years, and our designs are ideal for the country’s environment. We provide a variety of sizes and colours as well as a wide range of styles to fit every garden style. Purchase it right now online.

Sunshine Coast Council Approval for Your Garden Shed
Although the general rule is that structures with a roof space less than 10 metres square are free from requiring council clearance, we nonetheless advise contacting your local government to find out what is necessary. Council approval is depending on numerous circumstances. It is also advised that you get in touch with them if you reside in an estate or if your property is protected by governance to make sure you are not infringing on colour or design.

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