Desi Cow and Ghee benefits

Desi Cow and Ghee benefits

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  1. Desi cow ghee helps in reducing fat
  2. Desi cow 10 gm ghee lamp makes the environment pure and positive
  3. Desi cow ghee digest easily and makes the body lubricative
  4. It helps in making hair more black, long and shinning if do massage properly in the night before sleeping
  5. The native cow’s ghee contains butyric acid which prevents diseases like cancer and viral infection.
  6. The native cow’s ghee is made up of microparticles that reach each vein of the brain and increase memory power.
  7. Ghee Tridosha (Kapha, Vata, Pitta) of the native cow is perishable.
  8. Eye weakness: for Weak eyes, one should mix 2 teaspoons of cow ghee and 2 tablespoons of sugar candy and take with food once a day.
  9. Heart disease: One reason for heart disease is emotional stress that should be cured. The strain is reduced by using ghee of native cow and applying it in the nose. It is also beneficial for heart patients.
  10. Insomnia: Grinding nutmeg in cow’s ghee and applying the thin paste on the eyelids makes you sleep soon. Eating for two months is very beneficial.
  11. Constipation: Lick a teaspoon of fresh ghee mixed with a little black pepper, lick it for 3 days at bedtime, it makes the intestines soft.
  12. Pneumonia: Successful treatment of pneumonia has been achieved by burning a thick lamp of desi cow’s ghee in the room of a child suffering from pneumonia with phlegm in the chest and keeping the victim in the same room. Such is the importance of burning Gaughrit only.
  13. If there is any problem of the ear, by putting 2 drops of the cow ghee at bedtime, all problems are removed. ear curtain is also cured.
  14. Gaughrit Havan purifies the atmosphere and liberates from invisible harmful elements.


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