chilla rajaji national park

Chilla Rajaji national park is a zone of Rajaji which is famous for the name Chilla. There are many other zones in Rajaji park whose name is as follow –

  1. Motichure Rajaji national park
  2. Satyanarayan Rajaji national park
  3. Ranipur Rajaji national park
  4. Mohand Rajaji national park
  5. Kunao Rajaji national park
  6. Asarori Rajaji national park

But today let’s talk about the Chilla zone of Rajaji national park.

rajaji national park jeep safari booking
Rajaji park jeep safari

Chilla Rajaji national park is famous for which animal

Elephant sighting is very Normal inside this zone of Rajaji as lots of small and big herds Roaming here and there in search of water and food all the time.

one can see Elephant herd crossing the main chilla canal road to Reach river Ganga for bathing and drinking water.

Tourist resort chilla

There Are many Private Resorts outside or on the edge of chilla Rajaji park and only one Government chilla forest rest house and one Gmvn Rajaji park resort.

chilla rest house
chilla range Haridwar chilla rest house
chilla forest rest house chilla range haridwar
chilla forest rest house

Chilla rajaji national park entry fee

The Entry Fee Keep Changing every year. So I want to give you a rough idea. jeep safari is around 2100 inr nowadays but there are more charges like jeep entry charge and per head entry charge etc. so it depends upon the number of people doing a safari.

Maximum 6-7 people can sit inside one jeep safari in Rajaji park.

chilla jungle safari

Chilla jungle safari trek is 28km long which took approx 3 hours of jeep safari time. driver take a deep jungle Round anticlockwise. morning safari time is 7 am and evening safari time is 2 pm.


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