Sarsawa Airport

sarsawa airport

Sarsawa Airport otherwise called Saharanpur Airport, is an impending common area at the Indian Air Force’s Sarsawa Air Force Station, in the Saharanpur locale in the province of Uttar Pradesh, India. The common terminal of the air terminal will be assembled 20 km away from Saharanpur and 2.5 km away from Sarsawa at the place where there are Budhera and Lakipur Sherpur towns.

sarsawa airport
Sarsawa airport

The road to becoming a civil airport in Sarsawa is getting easier. In this episode, the officials of the Airport Authority of India inspected the land acquired for the civil airport and asked the Tehsil administration to transfer the land-related papers in favor of the Airport Authority.

Amidst the panic of infection during the Corona period, big and pleasant news has come to the fore regarding the construction of a civil airport in the Sarsawa area. Confirming this, Tehsil Nakud Devendra Singh said that four days ago, officials of the Airport Authority of India came, who, on the instructions of the administration, got about 65 acres of land authorized for the civil airport in the Sarsawa area to be inspected on the spot. The pillars installed on the authorized land should also be shown to the Airport Authority officials. Along with this, after reviewing the entire land-related letter, the officials were told that the entire process related to the land acquired by the Nakud tehsil administration has been completed. In this, all the liabilities were given to the farmers and there is no outstanding amount of any kind of land dispute or compensation. Now only the transfer of land is left to the Airport Authority.

Tehsildar Devendra Singh said that all the files have been prepared for the process of transfer of land on Tuesday and only the officials of the Airport Authority are waiting to come. As soon as the officials arrive, the transfer of the land will be done in the name of the Airports Authority of India. After this, all the responsibility of construction will be with the Airports Authority of India. Sarsawa Airport

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Sarsawa is a Small city close to Saharanpur and Yamunanagar. it is on the edge of Uttar Pradesh state near Yamuna river. Airforce station and Army also have a presence here. it is surrounded by villages and farmers so due to huge demand School in Sarsawa are in Big number and in this article, I try my best to list down each of it.


1.kendervidhalya ( CBSE board, air force station).


2.St marry academy ( CBSE board, Ambala road, near Rao Dharam Kata).

website –

3.Air force public school (CBSE board., air force station).

website –

4.KLG Public school (CBSE board, Ambala road near Ratna Sagar).


5.MTS public school ( CBSE board, Nakur road).


6.Gurukul education world (CBSE board, Nakur road, near Bankhandi temple).


7.Janta inter-college (UP board, railway road).

Google map location link –

SCHOOL IN SARSAWA8.DC Jain ( UP board, Ambala road, near Punjab and Sindh bank).

Google map location link –

9.AK public school ( CBSE board, Naresh vihar colony).

FB page –

Google map location-

10.Mother Teresa public school ( CBSE board, Ambala road).


11.Tagore public school ( cbse board, yasveer lane).

FB page –

12.National public school ( CBSE board, Nakur road, near Bharat Doodh dairy).

Google map location –

13.DAV public school (state board,  )

14.KSF high school ( Sarsawa block).

15.Vadram Nathbol academy ( Sarsawa block).

16.Jwahar school (puri afanan, near post office).

17.Mardon public school (Sarsawa block).


This above article is written by Shanu  Chaudhary (a residence of Sarsawa)

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