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We were on our car(KIA seltos) journey towards Gangotri temple (Uttarakhand Char Dham Yaoutsidetra) and Gangotri Temple is inside Gangotri national park.

apple orchard in harsil valley gangotri national park
Apple Orchard in Harsil Valley Gangotri national park

There is a place called Harsil which is famous for there natural beauty and apple orchard. As we reached there it was the time of evening and suddenly we saw first apple orchard beside the road and we were so excited to stop the car and get into the apple orchard field but the apple orchard field was guarded by there owners so we took the permission and get inside quickly actually the owners are so humble and welcoming nature, so we don’t miss the chance and enjoy the quality time there.

We also talk about the apple varieties in the orchard and harsil valley and the owners really gave us quality information. they told most of the premium apple variety like (royal apple). royal apple is the first batch of the apple comes in early October and most of the apple is exported to foreign as the quality is best among all.

and they told 2nd batch is of the variety named delicious apple which comes in the last of October(the time we were travelling to Gangotri temple). so we have to purchase the delicious variety apple only as this is the session and time they are available. so we purchased four carton box of apple

all this activity and journey is recoded by me via my phone (one plus 6 ) for my youtube audience. so you also don’t forget to enjoy this al journey video. here is the link of video harsil valley Uttarakhand

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Dehradun To Uttarkashi-Gangotri Dham Journey With Family गंगोत्री धाम की यात्रा in KIA SELTOS

Dehradun To Uttarkashi-Gangotri Dham Journey With Family गंगोत्री धाम की यात्रा in KIA SELTOS

gangotri temple visit
Gangotri temple


Hi, Today I want to put some light on my journey from Dehradun To Uttarkashi-Gangotri Dham With my Family (गंगोत्री धाम की यात्रा) in KIA SELTOS in October last 2020.

before I start writing this blog I would like to inform you that this whole journey is also available to watch in video format over youtube. Here is the link- Dehradun To Uttarkashi-Gangotri Dham Journey With Family गंगोत्री धाम की यात्रा in KIA SELTOS

So this story starts when our neighbour Rohit Pangti purchased a brand new KIA SELTOS from Dehradun showroom in October 2020 and he is very excited to visit somewhere far so that he can drive his car KIA SELTOS as long drive.

he wanted to take me and my mother with him along with his family. first, we decided to visit Badrinath temple but soon we realised that it’s too far to cover within a single day as Badrinath temple is 332 km approx(according to google) so we changed to plan to Gangotri.

we started our journey early in the morning around 6 am and reached Gangotri very comfortably(thank Kia seltos) by evening 6 pm and next day we joined Gangotri temple morning aarti at 7 am and after that, we do breakfast and leave for Dehradun and by evening we easily reached back to Dehradun home but in middle of that, we had lots of fun and much activities and also visited apple orchid in Harshil.

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