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The best area to get the real resort feelings is always near any national park where we get immense peace with a wilderness experience and I don’t think there is any other better place than Jim Corbett national park resorts.

Resorts play an important role in our detoxification and rejuvenation of mind and we feel really relaxed once we stayed with any beautiful resort.

As I already been to many many resorts around Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh but the best quality time I lived the most is the resorts near the national park.

You know resorts are everywhere in-plane area, on hills, near city, rural area some are inside a big city like Dehradun also. But the best one I experienced is near the national park- Uttrakhand have 2 areas where the most numbers of resorts located and they are

  1. near Rajaji national park-Rishikesh Haridwar region
  2. near Jim Corbett national park- Ramnagar Nainital region.

Since 2016 I start travelling part-time and start driving outside Dehradun too. I have been to all pilgrimage in Uttarakhand – Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, Yamunotri and trek will Madmaheshwar temple( i already published a blog on this ) and Jim Corbett and Rajaji National park is like a home to me have been there countless time.

Rishikesh city I lived the most my YouTube channel is flooded with Rishikesh videos. Recently I covered Rishikesh-river Ganga water cleanliness in lockdown on my youtube channel.

A hobby is generated inside me to know more about these resorts- how they put themselves unique, how each resort location is having unique wilderness property, unique floral and fauna around.

Each resort geographic area is very unique with a unique view and food.

Every resort is made for a special guest. It depends on which resort shoots you perfectly.

I just want to inform you that Around Corbett park itself there are approx 200 resorts and every resort is very unique and better than each other.

I still remember the days when it is a big challenge for me to select the best of the best resort which can suit my needs perfectly.

I’m kind of guy who loves nature, wilderness and a resort which I located inside the forest or just edge of it. As in Corbett, it is not permissible for private resorts to built inside forest land as it is all reserved forest so 100 per cent Resorts are outside or on the edge of Forest area except the government-owned forest rest house.

I always love to stay at Peaceful Resort with lots of birds and animal Around. I want to hear the sound of wild animals coming from Forest in the night and where staff gives instruction like not to visit here and there in the evening as this is dangerous because of wild animals movement.

Actually this area of Jim Corbett National park is all in the foothills of Himalayas or foothills of Shivalik hills and combination of planes and hills. It is rich with water as two river – Ram Ganga (the lifeline of Corbett) and Kosi river passing through it.

So, the climatical and geographical condition is very suitable for floral and fauna and maybe that’s the reason why 600 different species of birds are found here.

Let’s understand the area of Corbett where these Resorts mushrooming most.

There are 3 major roads leading from ram Nagar city.

  1.  Towards Nainital ( Kaladhungi)
  2.  Dhela road.
  3. Ranikhet road ( separated from the road leading towards Marchula )

I am posting some pictures of a few resorts in the Corbett area.

jim corbett national park resorts
a resort near Marchula zone of Corbett
jim corbett national park resorts
open dining with Corbett overview

In the above pictures you see and can feel the environment you can get in our own country in north India and very close to New Delhi. now you don’t need to visit far and expensive south Africa safari trip because you have everything here, luxury with wildlife.

actually I am regular Corbett national park traveller and already published many vlogs on my youtube channel, you must also watch those videos and in future also I am going to visit each resort in Corbett. don’t miss the opportunity to follow me. must subscribe my youtube channel.  Youtube channel.

Corbett national park official website is

Garjiya Zone – Jim Corbett National park

garjia zone bengal tiger jeep safari in india in jim corbett national park

Garjiya Zone – Jim Corbett National park – Visitors to Corbett National Park won’t have to be dissatisfied because a safari seat is unavailable or a reservation is complete. The new Ringora Zone or Garjiya safari zone in Corbett opened for a safari in November because of the rising trend of tourists. Girija is a newly added safari area that is now open to visitors so they can experience a safari. The Corbett National Park has tourism safari zones at Bijrani, Jhirna, Dhela, Durgadevi, Sitabani, and Pakhro. The Corbett administration has made the Girija tourism zone accessible to tourists due to the limited number of safari seats. Many wildlife lovers are upset when they cannot go on safari during the busiest travel season. However, the procedure for creating additional zones was put on hold for a while.

garjia zone jeep safari bengal tiger in jim corbett national park
dhela zone jeep safari

The lush jungle region of Garjiya in the charming Jim Corbett National Park is particularly well-liked. A wide range of plant and animal species can be abundant in this tourist area. The Dhikala tourism zone faces stiff competition from Garjiya regarding visitor choices for safari. The site is well-known for its beautiful scenery and for being a very tranquil and peaceful environment. Visitors laud the deep forest’s beauty in its natural state. One of Corbett Park’s most tiger-accessible areas in this area.

leopard in jim corbett national park
jim corbett national park kalagarh leopard

Jeep Safari in Garjiya Zone of Jim Corbett Park

The Corbett region’s Garjiya Safari zone (Ringora Safari Zone) is exceptionally endowed with various plants and animals. For those who enjoy animals, Garjiya, which is nine kilometres from Ramnagar city, is the most popular area. With a large population of Royal Bengal Tigers, Garjiya provides fantastic viewing opportunities for tourists. This zone’s entry is Amdanda Gate, with buffer, tourist, and core areas. A limited number of cars are permitted to enter during one shift to prevent disturbing the natural habitats of wildlife. If you’d like, you can go on a Jeep safari for the entire day at Corbett Park to see more animals. There are two excellent lodging alternatives in the Garjiya zone where you may have a nice stay: Garjiya and Malani Forest Rest House. The following are the visiting times for morning and evening slots:

How To Reach Garjiya Zone Gate

Garjiya gate, located approximately nine kilometres from Ramnagar city, is the entrance to the Garjiya zone. You must go through a buffer zone of around 5 kilometres after passing through the Aamdanda gate before reaching the central part of the Garjiya ecotourism zone.


Video From Kalagarh Tiger Reserve

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Dhela zone Jeep Safari

garjia zone jeep safari bengal tiger in jim corbett national park

Dhela zone Jeep Safari – The Corbett Tiger Reserve’s sixth eco-tourism zone, the 1173-hectare Dhela Safari Zone, was added to the CTR tourism map in 2014. It was constructed from the Corbett’s southern buffer forests. In Corbett’s 75-year history, the Dhela Forest has the distinction of having formerly been home to seven tigers. Sambhar Deer, which draws tigers since they are easy prey for them, is one of the many wildlife species protected by this forest’s mixed forest plantations and moist deciduous trees. Additionally, tigers indeed like to pursue their prey in the Sal Forests. Visitors can view wild animals from a distance thanks to a watch tower established inside the Dhela Zone. There are 46 kilometres of jungle paths in Dhela where you can see a wide variety of wildlife. Jeep Safari is available to tourists in the morning and evening. Only 15 gipsies are permitted to enter the zone in a shift. Bird watching is extremely popular in Dhela. Dhela is open every day of the year.

bengal tiger jeep safari in india in jim corbett national park

Brief Information About the Dhela zone Jeep Safari:

There are two shifts in a day (one shift morning, one shift evening)
Timings: Morning from six to ten in the morning and afternoon from two to six in the evening.
Thirty Jeep Safaris were conducted (fifteen mornings, fifteen evenings)
Bookings should be completed at least 15 days in advance.
3 to 4 hours are allotted for each safari.
Dhela Safari Zone’s Principal Attractions
In terms of Corbett Jungle Safari, the Dhela Tourism Zone has the most significant tiger sightings status in 2019–20, followed by the Jungle Safari. In addition, jeep safari is consistently in high demand in Dhela. Tigers have frequently been observed at the zone’s entrance gate, indicating that Dhela has a high tiger density.

Safari hours in Dhela zone Jeep Safari are 6:00 AM to 9:30 AM and 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM.

The months from October to mid-June are the best for travelling to the Dhela Zone.

Safari zone map for Dhela
The main draw of the Dhela Tourism Zone is the Chaurs (Grass Lands) area. Elephants and deer are frequently spotted roaming around Chaurs. There are also Neel Gai, and Wild Pig can be observed.

The Dhela Zone has an incredibly diverse range of vegetation and wildlife. Mixed woods of Sal, Rohini, Haldu, Bahera and Kusum plants cover the entire area. Tigers, leopards, Asiatic elephants, sloth bears, and king cobras are among the flora. In addition, the variety of birds in the Dhela zone is relatively well-known.

google map view of dhela zone jeep safari in jim corbett national park

How to get there: The Jhirna and the Dhela Eco Tourism zones share a similar entry. Additionally, the gate is about 20 kilometres away from Ramnagar.

Tourists can still visit Dhela Zone from 0ctober till 15th June.

Video From Kalagarh Tiger Reserve

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