Corbett national park resorts India

The best area to get the real resort feelings is always near any national park where we get immense peace with a wilderness experience and I don’t think there is any other better place than Jim Corbett national park resorts.

Resorts play an important role in our detoxification and rejuvenation of mind and we feel really relaxed once we stayed with any beautiful resort.

As I already been to many many resorts around Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh but the best quality time I lived the most is the resorts near the national park.

You know resorts are everywhere in-plane area, on hills, near city, rural area some are inside a big city like Dehradun also. But the best one I experienced is near the national park- Uttrakhand have 2 areas where the most numbers of resorts located and they are

  1. near Rajaji national park-Rishikesh Haridwar region
  2. near Jim Corbett national park- Ramnagar Nainital region.

Since 2016 I start travelling part-time and start driving outside Dehradun too. I have been to all pilgrimage in Uttarakhand – Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, Yamunotri and trek will Madmaheshwar temple( i already published a blog on this ) and Jim Corbett and Rajaji National park is like a home to me have been there countless time.

Rishikesh city I lived the most my YouTube channel is flooded with Rishikesh videos. Recently I covered Rishikesh-river Ganga water cleanliness in lockdown on my youtube channel.

A hobby is generated inside me to know more about these resorts- how they put themselves unique, how each resort location is having unique wilderness property, unique floral and fauna around.

Each resort geographic area is very unique with a unique view and food.

Every resort is made for a special guest. It depends on which resort shoots you perfectly.

I just want to inform you that Around Corbett park itself there are approx 200 resorts and every resort is very unique and better than each other.

I still remember the days when it is a big challenge for me to select the best of the best resort which can suit my needs perfectly.

I’m kind of guy who loves nature, wilderness and a resort which I located inside the forest or just edge of it. As in Corbett, it is not permissible for private resorts to built inside forest land as it is all reserved forest so 100 per cent Resorts are outside or on the edge of Forest area except the government-owned forest rest house.

I always love to stay at Peaceful Resort with lots of birds and animal Around. I want to hear the sound of wild animals coming from Forest in the night and where staff gives instruction like not to visit here and there in the evening as this is dangerous because of wild animals movement.

Actually this area of Jim Corbett National park is all in the foothills of Himalayas or foothills of Shivalik hills and combination of planes and hills. It is rich with water as two river – Ram Ganga (the lifeline of Corbett) and Kosi river passing through it.

So, the climatical and geographical condition is very suitable for floral and fauna and maybe that’s the reason why 600 different species of birds are found here.

Let’s understand the area of Corbett where these Resorts mushrooming most.

There are 3 major roads leading from ram Nagar city.

  1.  Towards Nainital ( Kaladhungi)
  2.  Dhela road.
  3. Ranikhet road ( separated from the road leading towards Marchula )

I am posting some pictures of a few resorts in the Corbett area.

jim corbett national park resorts
a resort near Marchula zone of Corbett
jim corbett national park resorts
open dining with Corbett overview

In the above pictures you see and can feel the environment you can get in our own country in north India and very close to New Delhi. now you don’t need to visit far and expensive south Africa safari trip because you have everything here, luxury with wildlife.

actually I am regular Corbett national park traveller and already published many vlogs on my youtube channel, you must also watch those videos and in future also I am going to visit each resort in Corbett. don’t miss the opportunity to follow me. must subscribe my youtube channel.  Youtube channel.

Corbett national park official website is

Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary

Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary

Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as Sona Nadi Wildlife Sanctuary or simply Sonandai, is a vital wildlife reserve between the two well-known national parks of Corbett and Rajaji in the Uttarakhand region of India. It spans a territory of 301 square kilometres. It has gained popularity as a tourist destination because of its diverse flora and fauna, which thrives particularly well to the north of the Sonanadi River. The Asiatic Elephant, as well as the tiger, cheetah, sambhar, leopard, and reptiles, love to hang out in this area. At Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary, visitors can see more than 150 different species of birds in their natural habitat.

The reserve is also the only protected area where walking is permitted. As a result, it is teeming with several non-venomous snake species, and visiting here is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Sonanadi, a gorgeous Nainital area reserve, benefits from the splendour of the Plain and Mandal rivers. The Vatanvasa gate provides entry to the Halduparao Forest Rest House, a functioning facility within the Sonanadi Reserve. thick sal and bamboo covering

A fantastic location for those seeking the embrace of nature and nirvana, complete with the sound of birds chirping and a sense of peaceful coexistence with the wildlife. The Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary, established on January 9th, 1987, is fundamentally connected to “Project Tiger,” which started in 1973. Together, Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary and Jim Corbett National Park are home to the world’s second-largest panther and tiger population.

sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary

The Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary’s fauna

Rare creatures, including Asiatic Elephants, Tigers, Barking Deer, Sambhar, Cheetal, Wild Bear, and many Reptiles, use the sanctuary’s marshes as their abode. The refuge is also home to around 600 birds, both migratory and resident, and has a thriving avian life. The migrating birds travel to this sanctuary in search of a warm winter residence when their primary adobe becomes colder during the season.

Some bird species present at the Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary include falcons, warblers, hornbills, Himalayan bearded vultures, pheasants, wall creepers, thrushes, changeable hawk eagles, emerald doves, flycatchers, and brown fish owls.

Some of the rarest medical plants in the nation can be found in the sanctuary’s flora, along with a few shrub species listed as endangered.

At the Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary, the famous Jeep Safari

There is a facility for tourist jeep safaris so they can enjoy the diversity and beauty this location has to offer. As exciting as it is, it gives you a glimpse into the native habitat of the local animals and birds. Of course, one of the most well-known hobbies here is looking for tigers, but safety comes first.

The Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary also offers elephant safaris. At the sanctuary’s Ramnagar office, tickets for these safaris can be reserved in advance. The Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary is available to visitors from June 15th to October 15th and is closed during the monsoon season.

Visit Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary at these times:

The sanctuary has varied hours throughout the summer and the winter.

Summer morning safari hours are from 7:00 am to 10:00 am.
Safari in the evening: 2:00 to 5:30

6:00 am to 9:30 am for the Winters Morning Safari
Evening Safari: from three to six o’clock

Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary
Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary timetable

Optimal Period to Visit Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary

Since the majestic Asiatic Elephant migrates to this area between November and February to enjoy the monsoon, these are the most OK months to visit the Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary.

Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary lodging

You can reserve one of the rest houses at Rathuadhab, Lohachaur, or Halduparao to have a comfortable and nostalgic stay at the sanctuary. Additionally, we have a carefully curated list of businesses that handle traveller accommodations and logistics so they may have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

Things to do around Jim Corbett National Park and Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the most famous traveller attractions in the neighbourhood is the Corbett Museum. When renowned hunter and naturalist Jim Corbett visited, it served as the home of his collections. At the Dhangadi Gate is the Corbett Museum.

Another popular spot is Corbett Falls, located 28 miles from Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary.

The local goddess in the area is known as Garjiya Devi, and her temple is magnificent. Only 15 kilometres away, the Garjiya Devi temple is a must-see. It is located at an elevation connected by steep stairs near the banks of the river Kosi.

Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary
mandal river

the Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary’s location

Because of its size, the Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary may be reached from many points within the Jim Corbett National Park, including Kalagarh, Vatanvasa Gate, Durgadevi Gate, and Kotdwar.

Jim Corbett National Park is easily accessible thanks to its excellent connectivity to other motorable roads and major highways.

By Air:

The closest airport, located about 80 kilometres from Jim Corbett National Park, is Pantnagar Airport. Numerous taxis run between the airport and the national park. For additional connection, there are multiple daily flights from Delhi to Pantnagar.

By Rail:

The Jim Corbett National Park is 5 kilometres from the nearest train station, Ramnagar, if you’re taking the train. Major cities in India and Uttarakhand are easily accessible by motorable roads from Ramnagar Railway Station. Many trains from across the nation travel via Ramnagar, which serves as one of the sites when trains exit towards Nainital. You can travel from the Railway Station to the Jim Corbett National Park by using a private cab or auto-rickshaw.

By Road:

Both domestic and international tourists frequent the Jim Corbett National Park. Motorable highways well connect major Indian cities and the national park. From significant towns, numerous cabs go to Nainital and Jim Corbett National Park. A lot of luxurious buses also travel between Delhi and Ramnagar. These buses are available for hiring at ISBT Anand Vihar in New Delhi.

You can reserve a Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary trip from the best companies and explore all the park’s most well-known tourist attractions without any fuss.

jim corbett park forest rest houses
forest rest houses inside the park

Video From park

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Unmukt Anu







Attribute or state of Purity:-
Freedom from tainted material
Clarity or cleanliness
Liberation from vice or sin, innocence, and virginity
Freedom from elements that corrupt
Absence of white mixture; saturation of colour

A child PURE SOUL State

PURE SOUL: Why is Purity essential?

Purity is crucial.
But pursuing Purity in this world seems to go against the grain of cultural consensus.
Are you able to retain Purity in this life even if you were to obtain it?
Purity is indeed attainable.
Here are some essential aspects to keep in mind in your purity inquiry.
Replace Your Heart
We are not naturally pure beings.
Along with having dirty deeds, we also have unclean souls from which our impure actions spring.
Our original parents, Adam and Eve, introduced evil and death to the earth when they disobeyed God’s word and sinned.
Since then, we have inherited our rebellious, sinful minds, which poison all of our deeds.

Pursuing a pure lifestyle without a pure heart is equivalent to merely washing the outside of a dirty dish—the mess is inside!
Cleaning the outside comes after cleaning the inside.

We require a transformation of the heart.
Only through acknowledging your rebellion against God’s will and asking for forgiveness through trust in the almighty is essential Purity achievable.

PURE SOUL : Controlling Thyself

Self-control aids in your ascent to Purity.
You still need to guard your heart to grow virtue after you have replaced your rebellious nature with one that wants to respect God.
Watch over your heart with all persistence, for the springs of life flow from it.
You shouldn’t any longer indulge unclean cravings by directing your life toward Purity.
Avoid enticing influences, including ending relationships, getting rid of harmful items, switching employment, and more.
Establish boundaries for your conduct and prepare an exit route to prevent engaging in wrongdoing.


Examining what we want

Our desires influence what we say and do.
For example, do we cherish what God cherishes and detest what God detests?
Do we aspire to chastity all our days?
Then put up our best effort to acquire and preserve our innocence.
One should not treat this undertaking casually.
Pursue what is true and correct, and run away from what is not.
Being responsible.
We require the power of God in our life, and we also need a loving environment to guide us toward Purity.
Being alone—on a device, late at night, or in other tempting situations—can easily lead to poor decisions.
We typically behave more wisely when we are aware that someone is looking.

Purity is something to strive towards
You will never be perfect in this life, but you can improve.
Through small and significant successes, you can discover joy in pursuing Purity.
Your current situation is not ideal.
You are not there yet.
Analyze your progress toward becoming like the almighty by comparing yourself to that supreme energy.
Keep going forward with these things as you strive for Purity.


PURE SOUL: Purity Brings Eternal Peace

Holy beings are respected worldwide since holiness is a highly esteemed attribute.
Holiness or moral excellence leads to lofty ideas and selfless activities that offer tranquillity and fulfilment.
Reading the holy texts or doing religious rituals won’t make you holy.
It results from the soul’s purification, which takes the form of uplifting ideas, kind emotions, and pure goals.
Only when we accept that we are a soul—a conscious point of light and the seat of consciousness—whose expression takes place through the physical medium of the body can the task of spiritual purification begin.
The soul is what causes thought, speech, and action.
Most people may find it challenging to maintain clean thoughts and sentiments. But it gets simpler when we begin to recognize ourselves and others as souls and live with that awareness.
Because the soul is initially pure, this is the case. Knowing our spiritual identities aids us in assuming traits inherent to the soul. For example, Purity, much as our self-image, impacts our behaviour.
Purity brings about peace and contentment by default.
Contentment and tranquillity are born from Purity.
The constant state of happiness is a mark of a pure soul.
Because we are unaware that Purity is the foundation and the source, most of us continue to look for serenity and happiness.


They only feel momentary calm and joy because their basis of Purity is fragile.
Just as children can’t remain without their mothers, so do pure souls naturally experience peace and contentment.
Any happiness experienced in the lack of Purity is not only fleeting but is accompanies concern and a fear of losing it.
There cannot be tranquilly where there is anxiety or fear.
On the other side, there is no sadness where the forces of Purity, serenity, and happiness are present.
We can see things clearly when our minds are pure and at peace, just like a lake’s clear, tranquil waters.
So there aren’t any questions or pointless speculations taking our time or energy.
Any impurity, including ego, greed, or jealousy, can weave a mental maze of uncertainty, erroneous reasoning, and agitation, all resulting in misery.
Purity is the cure for everything.
The elixir gives us what the soul requires for enduring happiness.



The widespread notion is that a soul is “the immaterial part or essence of a human being”. In various religious and philosophical traditions soul has always been a subject of high interest. Evidence suggests that prehistoric peoples understood the soul, mentioned in Hebrew, Egyptian, and Chinese traditions.

Only humans have immortal souls, according to Judaism and some Christian sects. Although immortality is debated within Judaism, Plato may have influenced the concept of immortality.
For instance, Thomas Aquinas claimed that all organisms had a “soul” (anima), but only human souls are immortal, quoting Aristotle from On the Soul.
According to several religions, including Hinduism and Jainism, all living creatures, including bacteria and animals, have souls (Atman, jiva) and a physical representation (the body) in the world.
The body is just a vehicle. Our soul is the true self.

Soul: Various Interpretations


The Sanskrit term “atman” denotes one’s inner self or soul.
Atman is the first principle in Hindu philosophy, notably in the Vedanta school of Hinduism, the true self of a person beyond connection with phenomena, the core of a person.
According to Advaita Vedanta, a person must develop Atma jnana, or self-knowledge, to achieve liberation (moksha). Atma jnana entails realizing that one’s actual self, or atman, is equal with the transcendent self, Brahman.
The six orthodox schools of Hinduism hold that every living thing possesses atman, or self or essence.

Jainism’s idea of jiva is comparable to that of atman in Hinduism.
However, other Hindu traditions distinguish between the two ideas, viewing the jiva as the individual self and the atman as the eternal self. It permeates all living things as the metaphysical Brahman.
Sometimes, the latter is referred to as the “jiva-atman” (a soul in a living body)



Buddhism holds that “intentional action” or karma exists.
Buddhists aspire to enlightenment, a better future by good deeds. Therefore, it teaches to pursue moral behaviour with focus and wisdom.
The Eightfold Path, which encompasses right speech, right living, and right concentration, lays out these virtuous deeds.
While evil deeds will have the reverse consequence, good deeds will lead to a more incredible rebirth.

Rebirth could take the shape of a ghost, a demi-god, a god, an animal, or even a person or animal. It all depends on the deeds committed in the previous life.
Enlightenment, also known as Nirvana, is the process of escaping samsara.
Buddhists believe when one attains Nirvana, he leaves the body and will no longer experience rebirth.

The Buddha asserted that Buddhists perceive reality as they attain Nirvana.
Nirvana means realizing and accepting the Four Noble Truths and becoming alert to reality.
Some Buddhists think that enlightened people can decide to be reborn to aid others in attaining enlightenment.
Others think that when one attains Nirvana, the cycle of samsara comes to a stop.


Why do Buddhists reject the idea of souls or an all-powerful creator God?

Buddhism holds that nothing is everlasting. Everything is in flux. This rules out the existence of things like eternal gods or souls. Contrary to other religions, Buddhism does not hold to the notion of an immortal soul or a creator God.
Buddhists hold that neither a permanent person nor a soul exists. Buddhists sometimes refer to reincarnated energy rather than souls because there is no timeless, eternal essence or soul.

The Buddha advised his followers to have no fear of dying.
Buddhists interpret this to mean that if people live well, their reincarnation will also be fabulous.
The Buddha could remember his previous life after attaining enlightenment.
The Buddhist text, the Jataka, contains descriptions of some of these prior incarnations.

Mahayana Buddhism conveys lessons about life beyond death.
The Wheel of Existence depicts the various realms that Buddhists think one can reincarnate.


Every living thing, including humans, bacteria, and plants, has a soul. This idea is the religion’s fundamental tenet.
According to Jainism, a soul’s existence has no origin or end.
It is eternal and recasts into many forms as it approaches release.
According to Jainism, jiva is a living thing’s eternal essence or soul. Therefore, it survives physical death, including humans, animals, fish, and plants.
Ajiva – “not a soul”- stands for matter (including the body), time, space, motion, and non-motion.
A Jiva is either samsari (mundane and trapped in a cycle of rebirths) or Mukta in Jainism (liberated).

According to this theory, a soul attaches to one of these bodies based on karma (past deeds). It remains in the body until it is freed from the samsara (cycle of recurrent birth and death).
Whatever state the soul is in, it possesses the same features and attributes.


The traits and attributes of a Siddha (liberated soul):

Broken free from all karmic ties
Fully expressed in contrast to a non-liberated soul
whose manifestation of these qualities and characteristics is only half complete.
The term “arihants” refers to souls who defeat evil emotions while still existing in physical bodies.

Jains believe:
  • the soul exists permanently
  • each soul is always free
  • the soul is responsible for what it does
  • the soul experiences the outcomes of its actions
  • the soul can evolve from the cycle of birth and death
  • not all souls get free – some souls are inherently incapable of achieving this
  • the soul can grow towards that liberation by following principles of behaviour
Liberated/Free Souls

Jivas who have attained liberation are perfect creatures with limitless knowledge, infinite perception, infinite power, and infinite bliss but no physical bodies.
Liberated jivas, although similar to gods, are significantly dissimilar from the popular conception of gods.


When a being passes away, its soul quickly moves on to its next body.
The body here might not even be human or animal.
Its karma at that moment determines the quality of its subsequent lives.
The person’s emotions at the time of death are also significant. The best end is peaceful and content with the mind on spiritual things.

In Baháʼí Faith

According to the Bahá Faith, “the soul is a sign of God”. A heavenly diamond that even the most learned men have failed to understand. Even the most acute mind was unable to unravel its secret.
According to Bahá’u’lláh, the soul is immortal and does not just carry on being even after the physical death of the human body.
Hell is a condition of separation from God, and heaven is a soul’s state of proximity to God.
Each stage results naturally from an individual’s attempts—or lack thereof—to grow spiritually.

dehradun buddhist


According to theological and philosophical traditions, a person’s soul is their essential nature.
It provides us with our uniqueness and humanity.
Therefore, in this context, having a pure soul refers to someone whose sense of self is untarnished or uncorrupted by all the adverse events happening in the world.
Some claim that babies have such pure souls because of this.
Their souls have not yet been exposed to and shaken by societal evils.
For instance, in Jainism, pure souls are the ones who are “liberated.”
They are free of all karma’s impurities.
They have freed themselves from vices like lust, rage, greed, and other things that taint the soul.


Are you a PURE SOUL?

Test yourself :

  • PURE SOUL: Are you constantly willing to lend a hand to others?

A kind spirit would step in and offer their assistance without hesitation, but most individuals would weigh the positives and negatives of doing so first.
They don’t consider the benefits of supporting that person.
They offer assistance because they believe it is the proper thing to do.

  • Are you fair to everyone?

Pure spirits are not affected by social class, money, or race.
They view everyone as having equal rights and respect others as such.

  • You comprehend others from their perspective.

One of the essential traits of a person with a pure soul is empathy.
They can easily see through individuals because they don’t have evil intentions. Selfish motives don’t drive them.
They find it simple to adopt other people’s viewpoints and put themselves in their position.

  • Do you give without looking for a reward?

Pure spirits offer without expecting anything in return, just like aiding others.
A pure soul is always willing to share everything they have, whether it be things, time, or affection.

  • Does injustice make you angry?

A person with a pure soul cannot just watch injustice take place because they have a strong sense of justice and fairness.
To the best of their potential, they’ll make an effort to redress that wrong.

  • Do you feel empathy for animals?

The desire to save animals is one of the first indications of a pure soul.
Their hearts hurt when they see a hungry animal shivering through the streets.
Because of this, they’ll go to any lengths to provide these abandoned animals with a loving home.

  • Do you constantly see the positive in people?

Seeing the good in people can be challenging at times. It is because of how sceptical we have grown due to all that is happening in the world.
But a person with a pure soul will always see the positive.
A pure soul will always find something admirable about everybody, whether the pope or the most wanted criminal on the globe.

  • Do you apologize quickly?

Whether we like to confess it or not, humanity is not particularly good at expressing our sorry and acknowledging our mistakes.
Our pride emerges when we address our errors.
Requesting forgiveness takes a lot of courage and humility.

Indian Traditional PURE SOUL Meditation Way video Guide

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Dhikala Jim Corbett

dhikala jim corbett

Dhikala Jim Corbett – A rich source of wildlife, fauna, and flora, as well as exceptional natural beauty, the Dhikala section of Corbett National Park, is likely the most preserved and wildlife-rich area in Northern India. Only here are “Chaurs,” enormous, lush grasslands resembling the Savanna in Africa. The 1936-built Dhikala Forest Lodge is located on the Ramganga Reservoir’s border, looking out over the forested hills of Kumaon and Garhwal. An overnight stay here offers the chance to go on elephant rides and Jeep safaris and spend the middle of the mornings on observation towers with a view of the Ramganga river and watering holes. The Ramnagar Railway Station is 50 miles away.

dhikala jim corbett
Wood stand inside dhikala campus Jim corbett

Although these accommodations were significantly refurbished in 2006, the Dhikala Forest Lodge’s location deep within the forest makes up for its poor accommodations, as you can see wildlife from your room’s verandah. By the standards of the Indian Jungle, the Dhikala’s rooms have undergone renovations and are no longer modest. The Dhikala Forest Lodge is located in the heart of the Corbett National Park and is protected from wild animals by an excellent solar fence.

dhikala jim corbett
elephant inside dhikala campus jim corbett

The bathrooms are attached and have flushing toilets in the English manner. The rooms are clean. Although there are showers and working mixers, bucket baths are advised just in case. Although there is undoubtedly access to running hot and cold water, we recommend using mineral water to clean your teeth. The resort has a backup generator, inverters, and power with set supply schedules. Every other night, wildlife movies are played in a makeshift theatre, and the lodge has a lovely wildlife library.

dhikala jim corbett
lunch inside the dhikala campus canteen

Accommodation inside Dhikala Jim Corbett

The Dhikala Forest Inn There are 12 beds in each of the two dormitories of Dhikala Forest Lodge’s 25 rooms. Five categories are further separated into 25 rooms.

Five rooms make up Old Forest Rest House.
4-room New Forest Rest House
annexe: seven rooms
Hutment: six rooms
Three rooms in the cabin

dhikala jim corbett
dormitory inside the dhikala campus

Visitors to the Corbett National Park must first obtain a permit from the appropriate government. These can be acquired at the Ramnagar-based park administration centre. Then, under the condition that applicants present photocopies of their identity cards, the 03-day length permit is immediately issued. For the ticket, foreign nationals must present their passport and a photocopy.
Lodges in Corbett Forest Only three days at most would be allotted for the issuance of permits. Permits are not transferable and are not refundable after they have been issued. The park administration is not in any way liable for any harm that occurs.

old frh inside jim corbett park
old frh inside jim corbett park

Attractions inside Dhikala Jim Corbett

Safari Canter inside Dhikala Jim Corbett

If you live outside the Dhikala Zone and want to see the local animals, a canter safari in Corbett is your best bet. A 16-seater open-air bus named Canter travels from Ramnagar to Dhikala before returning to Ramnagar. One must also use the official website to make a reservation in advance for a canter safari.

canter safari inside jim corbett
canter safari inside Jim corbett

Chaurs (Grass Lands) inside Dhikala Jim Corbett

The vast grassland home to elephants, spotted deers, wild pigs, hog deers, etc., makes Dhikala famous. Visitors frequently see an untamed Tiger running after a deer or traversing the meadow.

grassland inside Jim Corbett
grassland inside Jim Corbett

Watch Tower around Dhikala Jim Corbett

The watch tower in Dhikala is ideally situated to provide a great perspective of the animals that come to the area’s chaurs to graze. It also gives you a fantastic view over the entire Ramganga riverbed and a significant portion of the Dhikala chaur.
The Dhikala Forest Rest Louse is a 10-minute walk from this watch tower. About fifty yards south of the watchtower is an artificial waterhole that makes it the ideal location to see deer, elephants, wild pigs, and occasionally a tiger.

Gairal’s Crocodile Point

The shortcut from Gairal to the other rest houses to the west leads to Crocodile Pool. Additionally, it is a balcony-like natural formation that overlooks a pool that crocodiles virtually always populate.

crocodile point
crocodile point near dhikala zone

Samantha Trail

This jungle trail runs from the Dhikala watchtower’s base to the Khinanauli rest house. The majority of tigers in the area are most likely to be seen in this location. This is because of its prime placement between the riverbed and the hills on either side. Most animals travel through this area on their way down to find water. Elephants frequent this track, so if you want to drive down here just before dusk in the summer, make sure your car can be reversed as quickly as it can be moved forward. Alongside this track, a pair of Serpent Eagles had their nest high in a tree. Indeed, this music won’t let you down if patience is one of your characteristics.
When in the zone, one can see numerous different varieties of deer, including spotted deer and others like the para (Axis pornicus), the sambar (Cervus unicolour), and the Kakkar (Muntiacus muntjak), popularly understood as the barking deer because of the hoarse sound it produces that sounds like a dog is barking.
It is one of the best sites on the planet to see wild elephants and tigers.
Additionally, this region is a bird watcher’s paradise. A wide variety of birds can be noticed in the area because of the nearby woodlands and the sizable body of water.

In this forest area, there is an excellent probability of seeing a sloth bear. Termites and the enticing Mahua flower nectar both draw them in. When the Mahua ferments in the bears’ systems, it has been seen that they are drunk.

dhikala trail

Rules and Regulations

We accept the following photo IDs as proof of identity: ADHAR CARD, DRIVING LICENCE, PASSPORT, PAN CARD, STUDENT ID, and VOTER ID. We need the number on these documents; a scanned copy is unnecessary.
The first traveller indicated on the reservation form must have the same ID proof that was supplied when making the reservation for the Jeep safari to see Corbett National Park.
Every other traveller is required to have identification.
There is NO REFUND for charges.

dinner inside dhikala zone
dinner inside the dhikala zone

How To Reach

Ramnagar is where our packages start and end (Corbett Tiger Reserve Office). If a guest requests a pick-up from a specific hotel or location, we can tailor the package to meet their needs.

Dhikala, home to Jim Corbett National Park, is about 300 kilometres from Delhi. From Delhi, it takes about 6 hours to get to Dhikala.

The following stops are from Delhi: Hapur, Garhmukeshwar, Moradabad, Thakurdwara, Ramnagar, and Dhikala, home of Jim Corbett National Park.

By Train: The closest rail station to Dhikala is Ramnagar. About 32 kilometres separate Ramnagar Railway Station from Dhikala Entry Gate. RMR is the Ramnagar station code.

By Air – Pantnagar is the closest domestic airport to Dhikala, Jim Corbett National Park. The distance to Corbett Park is only 50 kilometres. At a distance of 300 kilometres, Delhi International Airport is the closest airport.

canteen inside jim corbett
canteen inside Dhikala Zone of corbett

Clothing Information

Nov. to Mid-Dec.: If you’re planning to visit Dhikala around this time, pack some light wool clothing.

Mid-December through the beginning of February: If you intend to visit Dhikala at this time, bring heavy wool clothing, especially jackets, mufflers, hand gloves, and a hat (woollen).

March–April: Bring light jackets, sweaters, etc., if you plan a trip to Dhikala during this time.

May–June: Pack loose cotton garments that quickly absorb sweat if you plan a trip to Dhikala in May or June. Sunscreen creams, sunglasses, and hats are also recommended.

library inside dhikala zone
library inside dhikala zone

Entry hours

The primary entrance to Dhikala is through the Dhangari gate. Only between 6 AM and 4 PM is the Dhangarhi gate open for entry. Entry will not be permitted after 4 PM, and reservations will be cancelled without a refund.

dhikala during winter
dhikala during winter

More information on packages

The number of passengers: A jeep may hold a maximum of 6 adults. If there are more than five adults, we advise taking two jeeps because of the luggage each guest would carry.

Jeep safaris: 2 times are included in the 1-night plan, and four times are included in the 2-night package.

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tiger pugmark inside dhikala
tiger pugmark inside dhikala

Video From Dhikala Jim Corbett

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Dehradun: A Serene Living Experience

ANTARA DEHRADUN– Choosing the perfect location is the first step in building the ideal community. Max India limited has built the first Antara community on 14 pristine acres (56,656 square metres) in Purukul, Dehradun.

Dehradun is famous for its calm beauty and pleasant climate all year long. It offers a wide variety of attractions near Antara. The breathtaking mountain ranges, sparkling lakes, lush green pathways, and historic sites offer a pleasing picturesque.

Delhi and other significant Indian cities are easily reachable from here. One can go by air, road, and rail from Dehradun. Hill towns like Mussoorie and Dhanaulti are nearby. The spiritual cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh are also quite near from here.

Animal lovers can visit the adjacent Malsi Deer forest and natural reserve forests of Rajpur, Galjwari, Rikhauli, and Chamasari. Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand, is a future growth centre for people who want to keep their businesses active.

Antara Dehradun
Antara Dehradun

Old Age: Reliving Like Never Before

The master plan for Dehradun’s wellness and tourism zone includes Purukul. It is comforting to know that a Max Super Specialty hospital’s top-notch medical care is close by. However, Antara is a more suitable place to begin the next chapter of a life well-lived.

Antara faces one of Dehradun’s picturesque river valleys. It has clean uncontaminated air. Clear star-filled nights make the place worth living. And last but not least, it has sunny days framed by the Himalayas to the north and the Shivaliks to the south.

Antara Dehradun
Antara Dehradun

Antara Dehradun

Antara came in 2013. It is an entirely owned subsidiary of Max India Limited. A full-service supplier of elder care. Assisted living facilities and senior housing are two primary business segments.

Nearly 200 apartments are built across 14 acres in Antara’s first residential complex in Dehradun. They plan to meet seniors’ social, recreational, educational, wellness, and health-related needs. It has 340 apartments in its initial development phase. It will be ready for use by 2024.

Care Homes, Care at Home, and MedCare is some of Antara’s assisted care offerings. It caters to seniors over 55. Seniors who require more intensive interventions in their everyday lives owing to medical or ageing-related concerns are the target market for this work area.

The Care Homes offer long-term care to seniors who need ongoing medical and nursing supervision. Moreover, it also provides short-term care services for seniors who are recovering.

Antara Dehradun

Antara Dehradun: A Care For Our Seniors

Antara intends to establish a chain of 35–40 Care Homes in the coming three years. With the help of its Care at Home services, seniors can receive comfortable care from medically trained professionals in their own homes. Additionally, the MedCare product services vertical serves as a one-stop-shop for seniors’ daily medical equipment needs.

The “State of Seniors” poll, a first of its kind, was recently carried out by Antara. With an emphasis on their objectives, preferences, difficulties, and perspectives on current socio-cultural and economic issues, it sought to comprehend the ageing population better.

The study included 2,000 middle-class and upper-class seniors who were 55 years of age and beyond.

It was held in –

  • South (Chennai, Bangalore & Hyderabad)
  • North (Delhi-NCR)
  • West (Mumbai & Pune)

Antara Dehradun

Antara Dehradun: Services

  • Fully Furnished Residencies
  • Senior-specific design features
  • Ideal & convenient location
  • Trained professional team
  • Round-the-clock resident services team
  • Expansive Club spread over 3700 sq.m.
  • Like-minded neighbourhood
  • 24X7 Primary healthcare facilities & emergency response teams
  • Engagement activities tailored for you

At the end of the central spine of the master plan, there is a lavish clubhouse measuring around 50000 square feet (4645 square metres). The Clubhouse at Antara serves as a community living space for residents and their guests. It is a lovely addition to their homes and a place to socialise. Seniors can exchange ideas, learn, and indulge here.

Antara Dehradun

Facilities: Clubhouse

  • Dining areas
  • Eat-out verandahs
  • Fine dining restaurants
  • Card rooms
  • A bar
  • A library
  • An arts and crafts studio
  • A theatre
  • An indoor games room
  • An indoor heated pool
  • A salon
  • A spa
  • A gym
  • A yoga pavilion
  • A health bar

The areas allow both personal and group activities. Modern engineering and regional materials work in harmony to create the design approach. As a result, the space has a light and contemporary expression.

Depending on the weather and use, every room in the building can be either heated, cooled, or vented naturally. In addition, most places have adjoining verandahs present indoors and outside.

The highest global standards for senior living are available here. Special consideration has been given to materials, colours, and fixtures to support residents with physical problems and age-related needs.


Indian Traditional Meditation Way video Guide

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ISKCON Dehradun

ISKCON DEHRADUN Devotees of Krishna often visit here to have an immersive spiritual experience. They feel the energy of Krishna Consciousness here. One can attend classes and courses here on major shlokas of Bhagwat Geeta. The quiet and serene beauty of the place transports one into a zone of self-reflection.

ISKCON Dehradun
ISKCON Dehradun

ISKCON DEHRADUN Timings to Visit :

Sunday         –    4am-9pm

Monday        –    4am-9pm

Tuesday        –    4am-9pm

Wednesday  –    4am-9pm

Thursday     –     4am-9pm

Friday          –      4am-9pm

Saturday     –      4am-9pm

Sunday        –      4am-9pm

ISKCON Dehradun



International Society for Krishna Consciousness is commonly known as ISKCON. It is the Hare Krishna movement or Hare Krishnas that aims to develop Krishna consciousness in one and all.

ISKCON is a sect that has faith in Vaishnav religious sentiments. It was established in 1966 in New York by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. 

temple in dehradun

Its root beliefs base themselves on Hindu scriptures, specifically the Bhagavad Gita and the Bhagavata Purana. ISKCON is “the most extensive and, indeed, most important branch” of Gaudiya Vaishnava’s custom. This custom has had followers in India since the early 16th century.

ISKCON came into existence to spread the practice of Bhakti yoga, the course of love of God in which those involved (bhaktas) commit their beliefs and activities towards pleasuring Krishna, whom they deem the Supreme Lord. Its most immediate expansion in membership has been within India, Russia and other previously Soviet-aligned states of Eastern Europe.

temple in dehradun
ISKCON Dehradun pic

ISKCON asserts to have about one million congregational associates worldwide.

Saint Chaitanya Mahaprabhu spread his euphoric bhakti throughout Bengal, later known as Gaudiya Vaishnavism. He used to do Sankirtan, the method of publicly expressing fondness for Lord Krishna, the Supreme God. In addition, he used to sing and dance. This form of collective worship reacted to rigid caste systems by engaging all people in prayer. People would participate in these religious meetings regardless of caste and creed. Chaitanya stressed chanting the Hare Krishna Mahamantra. Gaudiya Vaishnavas consider him to be an embodiment of Krishna himself. 

In 1965, Prabhupada carried Chaitanya’s Gaudiya Vaishnavism to the West. At 70, he came to New York with merely 40 Rupees of Indian currency in his pocket. He didn’t cater to the elite in the city; instead, he tapped into the 1960s neo-countercultural energy by orating and chanting in public parks and drawing hippies and the young. His “Hare Krishna Movement” expanded even more significant when he resettled in San Francisco after some time.

Indian Traditional Meditation Way video Guide

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Great Indian Pub Dehradun

The great Indian pub Dehradun is a popular pub in Dehradun. The pub serves great food and has a wide range of drinks. It is also known for its great music and live performances. . Being a genre pub, the brand is popular among all the people. The great Indian pub Dehradun has been opened in 2001 and it became famous after its opening. With seven floors, it holds up to 400 seats and reaches a total area of 206 sqm. The pub serves both local and international food while having a wide range of drinks. The pub is also popular for its live music performances where the best bands perform to entertain their guests. The pub is also famous for having good food and great drinks. The pub has a huge menu, which offers all the tasty food items. The two types of food available here are the starters, main dishes and desserts. One of the most popular dishes here is the biryani which tastes great. The content of all these preparations is good, which makes it different from other pub branches in Dehradun.

Some Clients Review About great Indian pub Dehradun

A good, excellent, and beautiful destination for a change with live music, fantastic lighting, a good atmosphere, and quick service with great food. Option of sitting inside in beautiful lighting or outside in the open heavenly air with a marvellous view of night light of Mussoorie. All up to you. One of the most suitable spots to hang out with friends and close ones.

great Indian pub Dehradun menu

great indian pub dehradun


great indian pub dehradun
indian pub dehradun 2


great Indian pub contact number

087555 53261


Video of Cliff Jumping and Rafting in Rishikesh

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Selaqui Dehradun

Selaqui Dehradun

Selaqui Dehradun – It is an excellent location for resident and investment purposes. All ready developed area college, industry, daily use items shop available, on main Chakrata, Ponta Sahib Highway.

The locality has most suitable for setting up agro-based industry in the capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun.

Selaqui Dehradun is an Industrial area. Many companies exist within walking distance.

selakui dehradun

Selaqui Dehradun distance from dehradun City

Selaqui is a 22 km and 40 minutes drive from Dehradun’s centre point which is the clock tower Dehradun. As Sqlaqui is an industrial area mostly established on main Chakrata road. the area has pharma companies and various manufacturing units.

Selaqui is also known for its Renowned Boarding Schools like – Ecole globale International Girls School, The Indian Public School, Selaqui School etc.


selakui uttarakhand

In the Below Picture one can See the area Covered by Selaqui beside chakrata road.selaqui remain hot during winter and there are very less tree and greenery and lots of dust beside road. As lots of Heavy vehicle keep moving around.

Property Prices here are not as high as inside Dehradun city. once can easily purchase land and build house without much investment.  Lots of Labour colony around this area due to huge number of Factory.

selaqui map

Selaqui Dehradun is a city in Uttarakhand, India. It is the administrative headquarters of the district. Dehradun has a rich history dating back to ancient times. and is considered to be the spiritual capital of Uttarakhand and a major tourist attraction. Dehradun has a number of historical monuments, temples and places that are hugely popular among the tourists from all over the world. In fact, there are many people who come to Dehradun purely for this reason and can hardly wait for the next season to see what is new in this city. If you are exploring Uttarakhand and happen to be in Dehradun, then you will have the opportunity to see some of the most famous landmarks that are located here and will surely not leave any stone unturned when it comes to checking out all that this city has to offer.

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Rawat caste in Uttarakhand

Rawat caste in Uttarakhand

Rawat caste in Uttarakhand – As we told you earlier that there are more things about Uttarakhand that we’re going to tell you all about in our next future posts, so here we’re. Let’s begin.

Rawat caste in Uttarakhand
Rawat caste in Uttarakhand

Caste system in India (Rawat caste in Uttarakhand)

But before starting let’s first understand caste in both social and political ways. Caste affects our social
status because people have distinguished the caste system in a hierarchal way, which indeed is not
justified. The people who identify themselves from higher castes are said to be much more privileged
than the ones who do not belong to the same caste.

Let’s get a little more intersectional and talk about gender and caste. It is said that upper-caste women’s
mobility is much more controlled than the opposite castes. Ambedkar had said that “Women are the
gateway of the caste system.” There are many different views and ideas when it comes to caste.
Discrimination against each other on the basis of caste is a constitutional offence, hence even if we’re
divided by caste we must not divide ourselves into such discriminatory behaviour, before any caste,
creed, or ethnicity we all must remember that we’re humans.

There are many documentaries that have shown how atrocious it gets when people differentiate each
other because of caste, not just that, people have had committed honour killing only because their family
member married to another caste, hence to polish their egos people try to justify this act as “honour
killing.” And which is absolutely unconstitutional.

Hence the amalgamation of caste and patriarchy is something that isn’t good for any society. Because it
only pushes the society back to where it has evolved before. And we all know how much it takes for all
of us to unlearn.

To understand the roots of caste and how long it has spread, one must travel. As travelling helps you in
understanding different cultures languages traditions and people. And only by this we can actually meet
a society of a different state, or city and get to know their behavioural dynamics their relations which
each other.

Rawat caste in Uttarakhand

Now let’s move on to understand more about Rawat caste in Uttarakhand

Today we are going to tell you the story of the Rawat Rajputs of Uttarakhand. Let us tell you that in
history, the meaning of Rawatis that, Ra means Rajputana, and means heroic and Ta means sword. This
is where the words are derived from. It means mighty, brave, strong, powerful, chief, leader, and
Kshatriya warriors who are rich in the sword, hence they are called Rawat-Rajput. Historians have told
that the word Rawat is an aberration of Rajputra itself.

How did Rawats get this title?

The Rawat has got this title which was given to the Rajput fighter a warrior who fought with an army of
10 elephants. Let us tell you what someone has said about the dignity of the title of Rawat, " A hundred men is a Surma, a hundred warriors are equal to a feudal, a hundred feudalists, a Rawat Rajput."

It is said that in the Rajput period, not the caste of Rawat, but Chauhan, Parmar, Sisodia, Pawar,
Gahadwal etc. had the title of the mighty ruling class in the royals. It is said that in the year 1832,
French naturalist Mr Jacquement wrote for Rawat Rajputs that “No Rajput Chief No Mughal Emperor
had ever been able to subdue them,
Merwara always remained independent!”

Rawat caste in Uttarakhand

The brave saga -Rawat caste in Uttarakhand

This means that neither any Rajput king nor any Mughal emperor could control them. The kingdom of
these Rajputs was always independent. In all these royal families, the Rawat, the brave warriors who
were honoured with the title, were called Rawat-Rajputs. Rawat had a special identity among the

Rawat cast in Rajasthan

It is said that the title of Rawat in Rajasthan was first given to the Vehal Chauhan Rajput chieftain among

the Anupavanshi Barad Rajputs, along with this title was given by Rawal Jaitsi in the Mewar court on his
valour. And not only this, for this he was given a four-armed state of 10villages. Rawat-Rajputs have been rich in self-respect. The Rawat-Rajputs accepted to behead their heads, but they never liked subjugation, which also has a proud history.  The Rawat Rajputs in Uttarakhand are said to have come from the Rajputana families of Rajasthan. And among them, there are big names like Nain Singh Rawat, General Bipin Rawat, and Trivendra Singh
Rawat has attracted everyone.

In Garhwal also, out of 52 strongholds, many strongholds have been ruled by the Rawat caste. The last
owner of this stronghold of the Rawat caste was Bhup Singh. It was in Jaunpur. Rami Garh in which only
Rawat’s used to rule. It is said that Biralta Garh is also such a stronghold, where the kings of the Rawat
caste ruled.

One more comes in this, Mungra Garh which belonged to the Rawat caste located in Rawai, where the
Rautelays used to live. That’s why Rawat is a mighty, powerful, chief, Kshatriya warrior.

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Draupadi Murmu President

After the NDA announced their presidential candidate, the entire nation was in disbelief. Draupadi Murmu was chosen as the president by the coalition government, which the Bharatiya Janata Party leads.

Ram Nath Kovind, India’s 14th president, will soon finish his tenure in office in 2022. The opposition has chosen Yashwant Sinha as their candidate for the 2022 presidential election, while the NDA made a very astute political choice by nominating Draupadi Murmu.

Draupadi Murmu
Draupadi Murmu

For the approaching elections, this has unquestionably strengthened the case for the partnership. Finally, Murmu, an Odisha-born tribal leader, served as Jharkhand’s ninth governor in 2021. Visit the following article to learn everything there is to know about Draupadi Murmu’s personal and political life.

Draupadi Murmu is an Indian politician born on June 20, 1958. She is a Bharatiya Janata Party supporter. She is the official presidential candidate of the National Democratic Alliance, which the BJP leads. From 2015 until 2021, she held the ninth Governor of Jharkhand. Murmu, from the state of Odisha, was nominated for president of India before becoming the first member of a scheduled tribe to serve a full five-year term as governor of Jharkhand.

Draupadi Murmu Personal life

On June 20, 1958, in the hamlet of Baidaposi in the Odisha district of Mayurbhanj, Biranchi Narayan Tudu gave birth to Draupadi Murmu, a member of the Santali tribe. Under the Panchayati Raj system, her father and grandparents were also village chiefs.

Shyam Charan Murmu and Draupadi Murmu got married. The duo had a daughter and two sons, both of whom passed away.

Draupadi Murmu
Draupadi Murmu

Draupadi Murmu Career

Before entering state politics, Murmu worked as a teacher. She had two positions: junior assistant in the Government of Odisha irrigation division and assistant professor at the Shri Aurobindo Integral Education and Research in Rairangpur.

Draupadi Murmu State politics

In 1997, Murmu became a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party and was chosen to serve as a Rairangpur Nagar Panchayat councillor. She was also the Bharathiya Janata Party Scheduled Tribes Morcha’s national vice president.

She functioned as the Minister of State with Independent Charge for Fisheries and Animal Resources Dev. (August 6, 2002, to May 16, 2004), and for Commerce and Transport from March 6, 2000, to August 6, 2002, during the Bharatiya Janata Party and Biju Janata Dal coalition administration in Odisha.

She served as a former minister for Odisha and as an assembly member for Rairangpur in 2000 and 2004. In 2007, the Odisha Legislative Assembly gave her the Nilkantha Award as the best MLA.


She was Jharkhand’s first female governor. She was an Adivasi leader from Odisha and the first woman to be appointed governor of an Indian state.

2022 presidential campaign

The National Democratic Alliance’s nominee for president of India, Murmu, was nominated by the BJP in June 2022 in preparation for the election that would take place the following month.

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Marine Drive Rishikesh

Marine Drive Rishikesh

Marine Drive Rishikesh is Also Known as Ashtha Path. if we look at the meaning of this word it means Astha(Belief) Path (way) we can say this is the path of belief.

Marine Drive Rishikesh

How long is Marine Drive Rishikesh?

Astha Path is a 6-kilometre stretch of riverbank built for morning and evening walks by health-conscious individuals.

ganga aarti rishikesh


Aastha Path begins from Triveni Ghat in Rishikesh and terminates at Barrage on either end. Plans by the government are to extend this path to Raam Jhula in Rishikesh. Beautiful benches with sights of the river and barriers to prevent accidents or river slides can be found along the trail’s 6-kilometre length. People typically use the path for morning and evening walks, which are solely for walking. While walking along the route, one can take in the coolness of the flowing water, the freshness of the air, and the heavenly ambience of the Ganges.
To get to the route, one must descend 50–60 stairs. As a result, this corridor is free of traffic and is therefore pollution-free.

marine drive rishikesh

The trail has an open gym so travellers can work out in the morning and evening.

The aarti lights reflect off the moving river during Ganga Aarti at Triveni Ghat in Rishikesh.

Marine Drive Rishikesh is Famous For:

Aastha Path is well-known for its lengthy, pollution-free strolling path and for providing the best views during sunset Ganga Aarti.
In the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand is Aastha Path (Marine Drive), Rishikesh.
The Garhwal region of Uttarakhand includes Rishikesh’s Aastha Path (Marine Drive).

river ganga in rishikesh

There is another point which is also Famous for Marine Drive so no to be confused about that. that another point is 12 km ahead of Shivpuri Rishikesh. That is a Rafting Starting point. tourist normally start their rating from that marine drive Rishikesh till Shivpuri or till neem beach Rishikesh.

The Marine Drive Rafting Point is quite popular with the younger crowd, corporate businesses, and college students who prefer it since it’s typically jam-packed with fun and excitement. However, if you’ve taken this trip, you can enjoy it fearlessly. It brings about 4 to 5 hours to complete the 24-kilometre rafting stretch. This location, also known as 26 km and 28 km of significant river rafting, is near the Laxman Jhula bridge and has a few more excellent rapids than Shivpuri and Brahampuri rafting.


Video of Cliff Jumping and Rafting in Rishikesh

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